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Email address:. Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are quiet and reserved on the outside, agitated and always thinking of something new on the inside. You can often see them being lost in their own inner world. They combine the aquariue and emotionality of the Scorpio with the innovative and original mind of the Aquarius. A little bit fixed when it comes to their own opinions and ideas, these Scorpios will get things done only the way they want them to. Scorpio Sun Real american dating site Moon natives are good judges of character. They can see when others have bad intentions.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. They are extra clever, and have an extraordinary amount of ability to understand new theories and comprehend them with ease. They are not necessarily mono most outstanding in their class however they often are honors students and may show emotions of anger when frustrated at not understanding particular subjects. Scorpio is the eighth and most mysterious zodiac sign. Scorpios are the masters of their domains.

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. People with this Sun sign are nicknamed Water Bearer. The symbol of Aquarius is a man holding a jar, from which water flows out. They have unique qualities that make them aaquarius out from the crowd. The Sun represents our core personality and the Moon signifies our emotional nature. The Sun in AquariusMoon in Scorpio person is stoic and enigmatic.

Most astrological placements have their give and take. However, the Aquarius sun Scorpio moon is all about extremes and expression. These are two placements that can be at odds with each other. This can lead to instability, or it can be a wcorpio of powerful personal strength. Having an Aquarius sun unlocks boundless social potential, character defining creativity, as well as a drive for humanitarian efforts.

They find excitement in new territory, ideas and people. They love to share these new experiences with their partner. Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are deep and private, preferring to go their own way rather than with the crowd. They can act on instinct or by reason; they are guileful and sharp, but able to keep a secret; they are stubborn and can be very unyielding in a dilemma.

They have startling insights that can make them popular for a time, but they are suspicious of any form of idolatry or hero worship. The Sun is the most important planet in your horoscope. You manifest the energy and characteristics of the sign it is in. It represents your identity, vitality and personal power. The Aquarius Moon represents mother, sister, partner, woman and soul mate. Your combination of these planets shows what you are like as a person and how others perceive you.

The Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman to me was one of the hardest yet fun zodiac woman to write about. She is so different from any other in that she is a mix of so many things. She can change from one thing to another as fast as you can blink your eyes. They are creative, passionate, but rather secretive people. Sometimes, they appear quiet to the general public but once you get to know them, you will find that their personalities are vibrant and powerful.

As a Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman you are a strong person with good leadership skills. Your combination of Scorpio and Aquarius make you a secretive woman who rarely expresses her emotions or needs. You like to keep things under wraps as much as possible, preferring to lead a life of mystery and intrigue. No matter the time and place, a Scorpio woman is one of the most fascinating individuals you will ever meet.

But as much as she gives to others, she needs to trust that the feelings she has for her significant other are not one-sided.

The Scorpio woman is complex, fascinating, sexy and bold. An intuitive, strong and secretive person, she is the most intense of all the signs. No serious woman should ever attempt to hide her amazing features. Her inner toughness combined with her extreme sensitivity and compassion will surely make her a unique woman among the rest. Not only is she very beautiful but her strong personality traits that range from sharp, artistic and emotional will make sure she is not forgotten.

She is a great communicator — it seems like she never runs out of energy, and what she does have goes into others. Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon women are usually ideators and designers; they love to create and put their ideas into action. They have a distinct sense of style, and tend to express themselves through their fashion choices as much as their words.

She is one of the most ardent and passionate people you will ever meet. This woman radiates passion for life, but unlike her predecessors in the zodiac, she can express it on many different levels. She has strong opinions on everything she encounters and seeks to understand things in light of these opinions and views. Scorpio women are action oriented and fearless.

They do not fear the unknown or the undiscovered. They are filled with passion and emotion. A Scorpio Sun , Aquarius Moon man can have his pick of people to spend time with. He is able to think on his feet and deliver a quick retort or answer without pause for thought. This Sun Moon pairing is a powerful combination in a man that makes him an excellent coordinator and leader.

He is well-prepared for any situation he finds himself in because of his broad and varied interests. This pairing has the patience to see what must be done to solve any problem and the skill to do so with finesse.

Some astrologers say the Sun in Scorpio man is extremely intense. Suave, calculating and deep, he is not someone you can easily figure out. Single and enjoying the freedom of not being tied down to anyone at this time, the Scorpio man is on a mission to find Ms.

Right and will reject every woman he dates until he finds her. He may seem abrupt, and his sarcastic sense of humor may not be shared with all people but when true love does come along for him, his earthiness makes him stand out from the rest of the boys. This man is actually a very emotional person. He allows himself to cry, and will even enjoy it occasionally.

The Scorpio-Sun-Aquarius-Moon man is a mysterious person who is full of charisma. He can be difficult at times due to his harsh disposition. He has a warm heart and a non-judgmental character, with an unending thirst for knowledge.

These natives are a puzzle to others — and to themselves. Realistic and sociable, they would do a great job in business. Very few are as clever and fast-thinking as them. Stubborn and completely dedicated to their way of thinking, Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon people are easily offended when someone questions them. They could be very efficient at everything they are doing if they would have more harmonious relationships with people surrounding them.

But being intolerant and having an air of superiority characterizes them most of the time. When they set their mind to something, Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon natives will fight hard to get it. But they need variety and for things to often change if they are to be happy. They like being in control of their life and they run away from those who are too restrictive or domineering.

In short, people with this Sun Moon combination like having the power in their love lives. They also like being intimate with someone. They want to know their lover to the very last detail. When there are no longer any secrets to be discovered, nothing can take them by surprise anymore. As soon as a person earns their trust and love, they become the most caring and loyal partners there could ever be.

But their other half has to respect their need to be alone and also to understand they can sometimes obsess over people and things. If there is for someone to be forever next to them, that person has to be careful not to cross them. Aquarius Moon people are individualistic and want to stand apart from the crowd. As partners, they are caring and loyal, but detached. This will help them keep their romantic relationship exciting. He will want to marry a woman who lets him be who he really is.

This is the inventor of the zodiac, the man for whom routine is pure Hell. It can be said he almost has prophetic abilities because he can guess what the society will need in the future. When the Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon man meets narrow-minded, conservative people, he starts to no longer be as kind and nice as he usually is. But he will never argue with someone because he wants peace and harmony. Not very emotional, he will probably never know how his wife and children are feeling. When it comes to his personal projects and work, he will always choose to do what he has set his mind on first.

Because her Sun and Moon combination implies many complexities, this woman will sometimes be chaotic. As both of her signs are fixed, she will be a little bit inflexible. But her astrological placement will often force important changes on her.

The more she will try to keep things the same, the more destiny will turn her life around. She will experience intense moments and will watch how things happen against her wishes. Intelligent and strong, the Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon woman is also creative and artistic. But she would never want to conform and be like others. Not to mention she hates routine. Physically attractive, she will stand out from the crowd and make many men fall for her.

But she sometimes procrastinates, and her colleagues can no longer count on her. Her partner will watch her being crazy about him today and completely indifferent the next day. Many men will be crazy about her because of this.

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