Are old matchbooks worth money

The world's oldest known printed matchbook! In September attorney Joshua Pusey patented the first friction matchbook. The Binghamton Match Co. A very limited amount were produced. In Pusey sold his invention to the Diamond Match Co.

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Need help? Call If you are a budding phillumenist, then you probably know a bit about the history of matchbooks. InJoshua Pusey invented the matchbook. His version, however, has a striking surface inside the book.

Are old matchbooks worth money? –


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Any matchcover that has been used, torn, stained or mutilated would have a much diminished value unless it was extremely rare or important. The famous Charles Lindbergh matchcover, dated June 14,is the most coveted in the hobby. Https:// means it is up to you to qualify if a matchbook matchoboks box match is worth collecting. For example, some phillumenists do not look at the box match value. Instead, they collect labels with artwork that fascinate them. Coleman said the old matchbooks are chemically very stable, and as long as they are kept in arre cool, dry place, they will be fine. Too Many Matches Visiting a restaurant, bar or nightclub used to involve taking home a souvenir matchbook.

As the world arre more and more digital, there are certain aspects of our lives that become increasingly nostalgic. A matchbook collection is, quite simply, a collection of matchbooks. It can be anything from a few dozen to several thousand and can be organized in any number of ways, from by theme to by location. Matchbooks have been around since the late mafchbooks when they were first introduced as a promotional tool for businesses. They quickly caught on link a way for people to advertise their wares, and soon became collectible items. There are a few different ways to go about collecting matchbooks.

Shortly after purchasing Pusey's design in , Diamond went to work moving the striker to the outside and began experimenting with printed ads. This particular cover advertises the Barker Collar Co. As with many matchcovers, dating them is often difficult unless there are some distinguishing factors or printed dates. On May 20, , West Troy officially changed its name to Watervliet, never to be used again. It does not have a striker, staple marks or folds so it was never actually used as a matchbook.

This is possibly one of, if not the first, example of a salesman sample flat or matchbook prototype made to test their new invention. Volume 1" on the saddle top ; believed to be a first generation Diamond Matchbook with less than five known.

A near exact matchbook was found in , located in the uniform coat pocket of James D. This book dates at or before that time. Matchbooks prior to the 's are very difficult to find. Because these show America's support for the troops during World War 1, they can be accurately dated from Without pictures or dates, as stated above it can be very tough to date these early matchbooks. The best way to identify a pre is to look for the ever-so-rare Approved Match No.

With these particular covers, it is located just above the striker, although this wording or variations have been seen located other places, in the handful that are known. As one would imagine a World War 1 Red Cross matchbook can be a serious collectors dream and remarkably displayed here are four variations A tough matchcover, owned in both blue and red. The U. Indianapolis was commissioned in It was torpedoed in the final few days of the war on its return trip from delivering the first atomic bomb to the Tinian Island before being dropped on Hiroshima.

The Japanese submarine commander in the new I submarine was eager to make a kill, knowing the war was in its final stages. No rescue was sent and many of the survivors drowned after their waterlogged life jackets pulled them under. Of she ships crew of 1,, about made it into the water, only survived as sharks ate hundreds while their helpless friends watched. Collectible box matches do not have to be rare or vintage.

You can even collect new matchbooks if you want. The important thing is to discover what collecting style best suits you. As a beginner phillumenist, it also helps if you brush up on your matchbook history. For more information on box match collecting, you can check out our other posts.

We also have other articles about boxed and book matches if you are interested in learning about their promotional benefits for businesses. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or send an email to wagnermatchcorp gmail.

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