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From hot mamas like Mrs. Robinson and Stifler's couggars to the quirky and bumbling Liz Lemon, older, attractive women, better known now as cougars, come in all shapes and sizes. Only in the past few years, however, have they've gained widespread popularity and acceptance. Though it seems moot now her impending divorce, when Demi Moore married Ashton Kutcher init gave older women hope that they could a good-looking, successful younger man without being scrutinized. That being said, here are 5 things you should and shouldn't say when flirting with article source older lady. So brach do you think about… — The straightforward approach is more often than not the safest route to go.

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The beach is a magnet for babes. This definitely isn't lost on the paparazzi who know that a visit to a Los Angeles beach tends to result in some beautiful celebrity click. And if they get wind that a famous person is traveling somewhere exotic, chances are they're buying a ticket too. There seems to be a thought that moms aren't the focal point of a creepy bech gaze, but that's not the case with famous people. After all, some famous mamas are among the most attractive people on the planet. And the fact that they've brought life into the world adds to their allure. But let's face it, the what age my daughter start violaters of space that are the paparazzi don't care as long cougars on the beach they can capture something worth selling.

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Asking a cougar what she's drinking is an easy way to open a conversation. Depending on how she answers this question, you'll know exactly whether or not to move forward in the conversation.

If she blows you off, then well, onto the next. You look so young; I'm surprised you don't have any wrinkles. It doesn't matter if you're trying to be flattering by comparing her to an older celebrity or calling her Queen Elizabeth, if you don't want a one way ticket to rejectionville, then don't talk about ages.

You bear a striking resemblance to Liz Lemon. Never ever say this under any circumstance — trust me, I've gotten into trouble for it. Is that old or vintage? Not only is it a tad disrespectful, but will make you look like an asshole.

That's something my mom would do — We all love our mothers, but unless you have some weird Oedipus complex, you don't want to sleep with her. Not only is that weird, but again, it is insulting the age of the cougar, even if she's a couple of years older than you.

You don't want a mother, you want a lover. By bringing mom into the picture, that's a quick conversation killer. Anything sophomoric or would have been cool when you were in college — If you use a pickup line or move that you did in college, then kiss your chances of picking up a cougar goodbye. What they're looking for generally is to strike up pleasant conversation, think of it sort of like a job interview.

The difference here is instead of landing a high paying job; the reward in this case is getting laid. Using sophomoric, cheesy pickup lines will most likely land you back in your seat and most likely embarrassed by your lame pickup attempt. Follow afterdarkLA on Twitter. Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories.

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How could she be? Olivia Wilde is a mover and shaker. This is after her enormously successful debut film, Booksmart. Of course, the paparazzi don't care about all that. They just know she's hot AF and that's why they invaded her family time with her two kids and her baby-daddy, funny-man Jason Sudeikis. Scarlett Johansson is, has been, and probably will always be, one of the most sought-after women in Hollywood.

It doesn't hurt that she's a total babe. But most people don't know that the Black Widow is a mom. She had a kid with her ex-fiance, Romain Dauriac. No, she's not still Jenny From The Block.

Sorry, she can say that all she wants but it's just not true. The undeniably talented Jennifer Lopez has a big deal made of her wherever she goes. In these recent photos from the Bahamas, she's had a whole thing set up for her. She's a Queen and she knows it.

We still can't believe that she's a mom of two since she looks like she's still in her 20s. That's probably why she didn't shy away from showing off in front of the paparazzi while on the beach in The Hamptons.

Seriously, we can't show you, but she wasn't afraid of giving the paps a close look. Even with age, Reese Witherspoon remains one of the most attractive women on the planet. That's why the paparazzi were thrilled to find her on the beach this past July.

Unfortunately for them, this mama of three covered up as much as possible. In fact, she was probably hoping that she wouldn't be recognized so she could spend quality time with her youngest, Tennesse James Toth.

When you're a famous model like Alessandra Ambrosio, you have to be prepared for a photo at every second of the day. Seriously, this gorgeous babe from Brazil is always camera-ready. But she didn't like being spied on while celebrating her daughter's birthday on the beach in August Luckily, the paparazzi spent more time following her and her man, Nicolo Oddi, than they did her children. Halle Berry absolutely didn't want her day with her daughter, Nahla, to be spoiled back in Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi adore this gorgeous gal and will do just about anything to photograph every inch of her.

Still, Berry made sure to keep her composure so her kid could enjoy time at the beach like every other child. Jessica Alba is always in a skimpy bikini Yeah, the paparazzi were definitely unhappy that Alba covered up while traveling in Mexico back in Yeah, Alba is the type who names her kids similarly.

It's obnoxious but hey, they're all cute, so who cares? The paparazzi have a thing for following Natalie Portman on the beach. It's not just because this beautiful and talented woman from Israel is a total babe.

It's also because they've found her sunbathing without her bikini before. And these pervs are desperate to find her doing it again. Unfortunately for them, ever since she had her two kids, she's been a bit more conservative. Beyonce may not be one to show a lot of skin at the beach, but she always looks like a Queen. Seriously, this glamourous icon is always worth photographing in the eyes of the paparazzi. These colorful photos were taken when she, Jazy-Z, and their daughter Blue Ivy took in the waves of Hawaii back in The celebrity moguls also have Sir and Rumi together.

Kate Beckinsale always looks as gorgeous and youthful as her year-old daughter, Lily Mo Sheen. Seriously, it's like the Underworld star made a deal with the Devil to look beautiful and young forever. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she has a superb fashion sense Oh, the good ole days when Ben and Jen were still blissfully married. Unfortunately, things didn't work out we're not sure we could ever blame Jennifer Garner.

She's too wonderful. The paparazzi certainly think so as they couldn't give her a moment's peace.

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