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Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. Mormon people tend to be top norwegian sites, dedicated, and generally all-around nice people. Foundational to their belief system is that they belong to the one true church. According to their church leaders, the Mormon Church is the only formr religion on the face of the earth. They will gladly say that all religions have datinb truth, but no other pastor, bishop, priest or spiritual leader has any spiritual authority except for the leaders of their Church. Depending on how committed the Mormon person is to their church, you can expect varying degrees of insistence that you yourself become a Mormon. If the person you are dating is faithful, committed Mormon the expectation will be that sooner or later you will convert, with the greatest pressure if not an absolute condition on you to convert a year before marriage so you can be married in a Mormon temple.

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Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. Any attack on Mormonism may be interpreted as a personal attack against them. There is no such thing as sitting down and discussing "theology" or dating a former mormon with a Mormon in purely objective terms. If you criticize any part of the LDS Church, its history or teaching, you are attacking them—this is how they as Mormons are conditioned to think about it. However, it will be good to expose him to some objective material this web page the LDS church, though this needs to be done with care mrmon he or she feels like they are getting good, solid, documented material and not just "anti-Mormon" literature that seeks to attack and destroy.

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January 3, February 22, Tanya Media. For the most part, the teachings of the Bible apply to all branches of Christianity and that includes Mormonism. Mormons are taught to be reserved in their dating activities, to show restraint, to refrain from sin, and to live according to the click God has set for morality. In this article, we will break down more of the details behind Mormon dating rules on kissing, hugging, courting, and more. A date is considered to be a planned activity between a young woman and young man. The goal is for the couple to get to know each other better in a safe environment that is typically neutral to both parties.

They will however, still hold some unique doctrinal beliefs that it would be good that you were aware of. As you can see from these examples, much of Mormon teaching regarding God and Jesus is not based on the Bible, and Mormonism as a religious system is not true Christianity.

For other perspectives on life as a Mormon you may want to read some of the stories on our Stories page. Skip to main content. Mormons in Transition Mormons in Transition. Search form. Dating a Mormon - For the person considering it. Post date:. March 19, For more on what this entails see this article on temple marriages by a former Mormon : If the person you are dating is a nominally committed Mormon, there will still be a desire for you to convert and undoubtedly requests for you to take the Mormon Missionary lessons as part of the conversion process.

The Bible has many errors, changes, and omissions and must be understood using the Mormon scriptures as explained by the LDS Church's prophets. God the Father was once a man like us but is now God, our Heavenly Father.

We are all eternal, uncreated spirits who became the literal offspring of our Heavenly Father and Mother. Jesus Christ was the firstborn spirit son of our heavenly parents and is the literal elder spirit brother of all of their other spirit children, including Lucifer Satan. He became a God in heaven before becoming a mortal man. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate Gods with three separate bodies the first two of flesh and bone, the third of spirit.

However, they do use deception in their proselytizing, leaving out many factual things about their past history. If you can help your friend see the organization's deception and help separate how that friend views the organization from how he or she views their girlfriend or boyfriend and their family, it will help them make objective judgments about the validity of the Mormon religion.

Feel free to contact us at IRR. The other thing that may be helpful to your friend is to read some of the numerous stories of former members that we have on this website.

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