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A family member has recently been cander dating with terminal cancer terminal cancer, late 40's but is keen to still live his life, and date. I can't see why he would not have any success if this is what he is wanting - I can't answer your question as dating is not even in my mindset yet, but I am so pleased to hear of someone that is ready to continue living to the full extent given a dwting diagnosis. If he is looking to enjoy his life, do some travelling and have companionship in the process just because he has Cancer this should not stop him for meeting a whole plethera of people. Simon dating use Cancer in a conversation and people don't know what to say, you almost see their brain whirring as to how they can get away from the conversation as quickly as possible. Of course he might come across a few that suddenly excuse themselves and never to be seen again, but there is always those few that will see past it. I just don't think his chances diminish see more because of Cancer, he might not have a sense of humour and they run from that even quicker!! Hi I am 45 and have a terminal diagnosisI too can't find any dating sites for people with canceri found one but they are mainly American and the site is hard work to navigate.

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Navigating an online dating world can be very challenging. If you are single and diagnosed with cancer, that challenge increases. Wlth is usually the last thing that comes to your mind while handling endless doctor click the following article and medications which make you sick. However, the hope to meet someone to fall in love with is stronger than any disease possible, and that is exactly what brings cancer survivors to dating apps. Although there are some dating apps just for cancer survivors, it is most likely that you will find a lot of them on Tinder and other popular dating apps.

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I would love to go on a date or two, I have leiomyosarcoma terminal cancer but I'm stable, 34years old and love life! I'd love to meet a nice cqncer, go on some dates. Anyone else in the same boat? Missing a cuddle. How fantastic to hear that you're cancef doing so well and dating app photos and loving life right now! I can hear the positivity that you have radiating through your post. Dating can be a minefield at any point in life but to date after a cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling more vulnerable and scared.

I might only be a temporary girlfriend We got married in September last year. It hasn't been easy for him. He says he finds himself building up self-protecting walls in his mind sometimes, especially before scan results I think. But he is my best friend and we are good together. And, ten years on from my "terminal" diagnosis, I'm still here Learning how to love myself again was the most difficult part.

I learnt how to take care of myself, how to comfort myself. I became self reliant again and, with that independence, my strength, self esteem and confidence returned. I am going through the same, my husband left me last year, dont think a man will see past my terminal cancer but i would love to be loved again and give love. Want to free up those close to me to get on with their lives and see themselves after my death..

Often wonder if it's better to go now and discover what's left of 'a bright new world' with folk who are facing what I am. Thank you for your reply. It is so hard especially when you were so loved and miss it, I am doing well, my cancer has been stable so I haven't had chemotherapy since December! I hope you're doing ok. That's good to hear.. I've got the 'beast' under control for now I take that Roman poet's advice.. Skip to main content. Post to forum.

Search Search forum. Do you have a cancer chat password? Yes, I have a password. Remember me. Sign in. April Johnson Stearns, survivor, founder and editor-in-chief of Wildfire, the magazine for young women who are facing life after a breast cancer diagnosis, talked about the fears of single cancer patients when it comes to a new relationship and how to overcome those fears.

There are many young women out there struggling with the same life-after-diagnosis issues you are. The best thing to do is to find them and hear their stories and experiences. Ask your questions, share your fears. There is one common thing between dating and cancer — both can cause physical and emotional changes that affect the energy and interest in relationships in one way or another.

But it is a step which has to be done. The step that brings back the hope of finding true love and support from another person. The step that might lead them through many disappointments and emotional pain, but in the end might bring true love. For those who just met someone who was dealing with cancer over dating apps, this experience also might be mind changing.

Even if you are not aware of it, your reaction can help them overcome their deepest fears or make them feel miserable about their insecurities. The dating experience of Sophia Holland, a 40 year-old woman, diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer brings up everything what anyone should ever know about dating a cancer survivor.

But we decided to try it, and we are still together. I ended up talking about my diagnosis right off the bat. While, of course, it is a lot for a boyfriend to handle, he has been so supportive and caring and encouraging to me. Here are our top online dating services for finding a long-term relationship. Sign up for free today! Open main menu. Have you ever met a cancer survivor on dating apps? Table of contents [ Show Hide ] But, you look so healthy!

Dating is not easy but fighting with cancer is neither Serious dating recommendations. Most Popular Choice. Read review. Visit site. Adult Friend Finder. Good search function Very fast contact Registration free of charge Fast answers. Free sign-up! Elite Singles. Secure website to set your inner fantasies free with like-minded adults with people in your city.

Remember me. Sign in. I would be happy to receive news and updates from Cancer Chat. Create new account. Leave this field blank. Already a member? Sign in now. Not a member yet? Register now. Search for discussions or people. Jenn Cancer Chat moderator. Thank you for your reply i reaally do appreciate it and thank you so much for the links.

We wont know unless we try! Kind regards Janine.

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