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Log in with itch. Hi i paid for the early access a while back but i don't know how to get the current version of the game that is r You can send wlkthrough email to service fymmg. For previous campaign sponsor, please check your sponsor database to get the DLC key. So, click the following article game won't start. I've been looking at a black screen with a red box at the bottom for 15 minutes.

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You have to talk to Alex on yacht to get his first CG, if you want to know all perfect walkthrough of all guys, you can check this post:. I followed the link but still haven't gotten Alex's first CG so I'll just wait until your next update or when you introduce the rest of the guys. Dead dating walkthrough I just tried and is work correctly, please download newest version and try to start a new game. So 3 ending different suspect are Max, Frank and Karl or have another one is Spear not die if have, how can I do this? If it already have on this version, how can I get there? You're considered dating guy suspect.

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Jun 13, May 23, May 10, Apr 04, Mar 22, Mar 05, Comments Log in with itch. Ryu days ago Ryu days ago. You need to launch game via the itch app. I finally read the e-mail! When can we expect another DLC drop? RichieBeee days ago. I just spent money ona 20 something euro version, i want the erotic version? How doi get this.

When the major game development is done. Version: Windows 0. Stich83 days ago. Why is it censored? Android 12 installation failure.

Yes, I have already arranged to outsource to fix it. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. Add to collection. Prototype Community Devlog. Dead Dating Prototype Closed community. Viewing posts 1 to 5.

I love this game. This VN have a lot of hot guys. Hope to have more in the future. And have a question, how I can meet Alex to unlock the first CG? Ryu Developer 1 year ago. Hey Azuna! Thank you for like the demo of Dead Dating! Hey Javjr! You should able to get his fist CG, have you download newest verstion?

Hi Ryu.

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