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If you ever tried to start a fire, you know that you will need some items. If you're out and about you can carry them with you in a so called "fire box" or "tinder box". Basically a small container to carry everything to start a fire with. Usually it's a small but rugged, preferably tnder proof, box filled up with different sorts of tinder and maybe some fire starters. If you are the type of person who always has a lighter with them you might wonder why you would even want a tinder box. Apologise, j law dating are are two answers:.

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A blowtube for fires might seem like a luxury item but it can really help with getting air where it's needed the most. Helikon-Tex lately came up with the Mk2 fire starter box. It's a tin box that already contains the basics for a tinder box. Spice it up with some other items shown above and you're good to go. A more sophisticated, pricier and maybe overbuilt variant would be to get a water proof box like a peli case.

If you like it extra tight you can wrap any type of box with ranger bands. These are heavy duty rubber bands, usually cut from old bicycle tire tubes.

They make great tinder themselves by the way. You don't have to take "box" literally. A minimalist approach is a ziplock bag that will keep your tinder dry and secure. If you have the tools you can seal your tinder in a vacuum bag.

A perfect solution for a minimalist survival kit. It's water proof and compressed. If you don't care too much about the possibility of submerging your gear you can go for a small pouch as well.

There are water repellent ones around, too. On the other hand if you really care about moisture you can spice up your tinder storage with a dry bag. While you can recycle some you get in some packaging you can purchase them in other sizes as well.

I've shown the post to the before mentioned "Deepforest" from PineSurvey and he gave these extra information to consider:. Like your average nerd he likes to dig into topics he's interested in and learn as much about them as possible. Then he tries to get hold of his items of interest he's quite picky about brand and model when he chose a certain item and put them to the test.

Be it while walking the dog in the woods or go for overnighters outdoors. In his daytime job he works as lead support engineer for an open source IT consulting company.

Since his work involves a lot of travelling and going to customers he has quite some experience in choosing items that are rugged enough for constant travelling but still work in an office environment without offending anyone by being "too tactical" although he tends to stretch that last part a bit.

It's safe to say that he has some tactical gear on him when he walks out the door and sometimes even when he stays at home. What's a tinder box? Why even bother? There are two answers: You will not always succeed to start a fire with a simple lighter It's fun to try different ways of making a fire There's not much to say about reason number 2. What's in the box?

The basics of a tinder box Like the name says you want tinder in that box. My own tinder box Having read the before mentioned post I start my personal tinder box with fine steel wool and will end with stuffing it with as much cotton wool as possible.

More things to put in Choose from what you have and test them to find out what works best for you. Tampons basically highly compressed cotton wool Petroleum jelly in a can dip anything into it to enhance burning time and heat by a lot Leftovers from burnt candles no matter which material they are made of Small candles Solid fuel like Esbit Bark of birch This mix will give you lots of options you can combine for different situations.

At the point of prepping to build a fire, empty the dry tinder contents of the Tinderbox onto the desired surface of collected items to be burned. Its a great tool, but don't tart a fire in the Tinderbox. Place the plastic cover over the cutting surface when not in use to provide protection in a pocket or gear bag. The Tinderbox's attached magnifying glass can be used for a spark to ignite the gathered tinder if matches are wet, or worse, unavailable.

An emergency signaling mirror is located on the bottom of the Tinderbox, because even getting a fire started doesn't equate to finding an escape route. Tinder idea 2: Cotton balls and Vaseline. Remember that lip balm contains petroleum jelly Vaseline and can be a good source of fuel with your tinder. The Vaseline, Chapstick, or other lip balm is the accelerant and the cotton is the tinder.

Here's an interesting way to store cotton balls. Use a drinking straw! Above, Grant Thompson, the KingofRandom. Tinder idea 9: Buffalo dung and dried grass. Okay, this idea isn't very practical, but it's good to know: buffalo dung and cow dung is an excellent fuel.

Pioneers along the Oregon Trail lit their fire pits with dried buffalo dung. This combustible biomass comes thanks to the prairie grass buffalo consumed. If it's within reach, consider starting a fire with dried cow dung. As cows are vegetarian, you won't find dung foul smelling at all. It's the meat eaters who produce the unpleasantries. Pioneer kids were responsible for collecting "Buffalo Chip" dung along the Oregon Trail.

To help pass the time, kids found pleasure in tossing them around like Frisbees. The kids in your group can help collect dung for your fuel. You'll need to provide them with work gloves and garbage bags for collection. Instruct them to scavenge for the dried dung or you'll need to add the extra step of drying them. Dried dung will crumble when you crack it open. Also have kids collect equal parts of dried grass, which will act as kindling.

To build your fuel source, you'll layer the patties with the dried grass in a fire pit. To make it easier to light, try smearing a bit of ghee or kerosine on the dried grass before lighting. Learn more about the pioneers who were indeed preppers! Commercial tinder The beauty of commercial tinder is that it's virtually guaranteed to produce a spark in the wettest and windiest conditions.

Wet fire tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, lightweight, and easy to carry. Guaranteed to light in windy or wet conditions and only requires a small amount of tinder to build a fire. Commercial accelerants Hexamine tablets Terpintine made from pine Looking for natural tinder?

Tinder is fluffy and light, but most importantly it's dry and dead. Here are some other great natural tinder sources: bird's ne s t c attail seed down dead leaves really crispy kind dry grass dandelion that's fluffy inner bark g oldenrod fluff m ilkweed down pine needles loaded with sap the sap is the accelerant pine cones weed tops t ouchwood see the video below.

The video above shows how to use a drinking straw to stash tinder or store matches for your bugout bag so they stay dry. One grade up from the petroleum jelly idea is to melt wax with cotton pads. You won't have a greasy mess, like you will with the Vasoline, but it requires a little more work to make. DIY "Tinder Quick" substitute. Thread starter Myr1ad Start date May 12, Myr1ad Guide.

My wife is a seamstress, so we were picking up some supplies at Joann Fabrics. I was running around keeping track of my son When I noticed this package. I will be using a small metal tube and making a slow match for my wife's kit.

But cut into short sections it has all of the look of Tinder Quick. Right down to the braided outer binding. A little low temp wax or some warmed Vaseline, so it soaks in deeper and you are all done. I hope you all like this DIY find. Survivor Johnny Scout. That's great. DBX Guide.

Good find! Our Joann's closed down a few years ago. Maybe I can find some a Hobby Lobby. It was with the supplies for doing upholstery work. This is to fill that tube on the edge of your sofa or chair cushion. Hope that helps direct your search. Joined Nov 29, Messages Likes Nice find. Adding to my list. Joined Oct 9, Messages Likes Location black hills. Dravous Scout. Unkle mike Tinder Gatherer. Joined Feb 18, Messages 5 Likes 0.

I have a question. Thaddius Bickerton Guide. I take cotton cord and put it in a can and make "char cord" like that, then run it thru a tube and it catches sparks like crazy and smolders.

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