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Home » Dating » Costs » eHarmony. By: Jason Lee Updated for But how much does eHarmony cost? Is eHarmony expensive? Our team keeps an updated record of the price every eHarmony membership and what features you get. If you in the United Kingdom, pricing for an eHarmony eharmoy is a bit different. Regarding membership options and features, those are identical to the other UK markets.

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Is the online dating giant worth the higher than average costs? What better way to get to the truth than to test drive it membershil for free. This is true. When you sign up for a paid eHarmony membership, expect to pay a little bit more than you would with most other online dating or apps on the market. We do have a more in-depth break down of the eHarmony eharmony membership rules if you want to see this broken down even further. But membedship does this compare to the rest real hook website the costs in the dating industry?

The Truth About eHarmony - (Updated )


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All of these together are a recipe for an insanely successful online dating site. Are you going to have full functionality? What do you get with the eHarmony free trial? Quite a bit still. Whether you commit to six months or two years, you will get access to all of the available features. Every membership comes with all of the great features eHarmony has to offer!

As stated, the only differences between these plans are how long you are committing for and what you are going to pay. Each plan comes with the option of paying all subscription fees upfront as a lump sum, as two equal payments, as three equal payments, and now as of July as four equal payments.

These payment options are available with all three plans. You will pay the exact same amount with each method. Choose the method that fits your finances best. You can cover your eHarmony costs through the use of a major credit card or through the e-wallet PayPal. You can also use debit cards that have one of the below-mentioned logos on the front as well. There are no discounts or changes in pricing depending on which option you use.

Current options include:. Sometimes the sale is for one membership level, and at some times, it is for every membership they have available. Remember, these deals are only posted and shown once you create a free trial account. One thing that you may not be aware of if you are new to online dating is that most plans you purchase are going to be set to automatically renew at the end of your term.

This means that if you pay for a year-long dating plan, on day you are going to be charged again and your membership term will renew. The idea behind this is that it is convenient for members. All you have to do is go into your account settings and turn off the auto-renewal. When you do this, your account will quit at the end of your membership term. You will need to do this at least 24 hours before the end of your membership for it to go through properly.

If you decide you want to keep going, you can always turn that back on or choose to purchase a different plan at that time. Make sure, too, that if you find someone special and no longer need the services that you also turn this off.

Something interesting we uncovered is that all three plans renew at a different rate. Each plan no matter the length you selected will renew annually to a 12 month plan.

But the price on each 12 month plan is going to be significantly different. Your information and profile will be saved, but you can get a much better annual rate. Additionally, contacting customer support near your renewal date might be smart as they may be able to work with you if you point out this information. You have until midnight of the third business day following purchase, excluding Sundays and holidays.

If you purchased your eHarmony membership through the Apple iOS store, cancellations and refunds need to be processed through Apple directly. Also, if you incur some form of disability that makes it impossible for you to use the service, there are options available.

We advise contacting eHarmony directly in those scenarios. You can get your own free trial account right now at the link posted above. Yes, eHarmony is generally more expensive than other online dating sites. However, the difference in price is only a few bucks a month and the added benefits and success rates you get access to are worth every penny.

Paying for an eHarmony membership can be accomplished through credit card, debit card, or by PayPal. To us, absolutely. It lets you get to know the software, get your profile set up, and start to really see if eHarmony is right for you.

You will be able to see the main picture blurred out, but that is it. Why does this matter? If they did, they would be open to lawsuits and a lot of trouble from the government. So, when the company says that over 2 million have found love on the platform, they mean it. An additional truth about eHarmony is that every 14 minutes someone finds love. For years, people have tried to gauge when these weekends were going to happen. The verdict? Well, that brings us to the fourth truth about eHarmony.

There is no method to the madness. Yes, there is a tendency for these events to fall on 3-day weekends and around holidays, but they are random beyond that. Sign up for a free trial account now links are all over this page.

Why does that have anything to do with it? Because it will put you on the email list. When free communication weekends happen, eHarmony emails all members and lets them know. We all know the real reason everyone is searching for the truth about eHarmony. The dating site has a proven track record of helping people find love and, more specifically, marriage.

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