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Tired of bad dates? Tinder is here to save the day t. Tinder was launched in and it blew up fast, with one billion swipes a day in The concept behind this online dating app is straightforward. There are three premium features of this popular app.

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Can You Get Tinder Gold for Free? Finding the Cheapest Price for Tinder Gold


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No, you only get a certain amount of Likes per day. In the golden days of Tinder, you could swipe as many as you could. However, a lot of people have taken advantage of unlimited swiping with bots and 3rd party scripts and Tinder wanted to start to make money so they made unlimited swiping part of the Tinder Plus package. Its the best way to take your dating to the click to see more level. Tinder gold free subscriptions let you fire up this dating application, allowing you to quickly find singles in your area. Gold gives you a grid tinnder layout.

Every day, millions of people find dates by right-swiping on their Tinder accounts. Of course, swiping becomes more fun when you have a free Tinder Gold subscription. If you use Tinder regularly, you already know that these features are worth fighting for. We have scribbled down a list of four hacks you can use to get Tinder Gold read article free. So, if you want to step-up your swiping game on Tinder, continue reading. Before you dive into the complicated ways to get Tinder Gold for free, make sure to utilize the free trial period.

Otherwise, without Gold, youre restricted in your interactions. You can only talk to a single of your Tinder picks per day. Tinder recently made changes to the benefits that come with our Tinder subscription tiers. The following changes will impact new subscribers:. If you subscribed to Plus, Gold or Platinum before these changes were made, your current subscription will not be affected unless:. Note: Google Play subscriptions for members in India will not automatically renew.

At the end of your subscription duration you will need to sign up again to continue receiving premium features. Existing auto-renewing subscriptions purchased before March will not be affected. You can also update your Tinder profile for free once a month. This tool does not send code to server for preview. In the case of file upload, Browser reads the file and for URL upload, it sends the url to server and return html data and then view in Output section.

Promo codes are frequently used on E-commerce sites, surprisingly you can use them in Tinder as well! There are a few promo codes out there that give you a longer period to use the tinder gold account. Lets hope that you are lucky enough to find the right promo code. Follow the steps to find the right promo code for you! In order to use Tinder Passport, you must have a subscription.

This means that it will cost you if you want to add more life to your online dating experience. So what should you do when you want to use Tinder for free? The beauty is that there is a limited trial period that you can use to maximize your connections and keep them going even when the trial is over.

Tinder Passport free trial period will allow you to use the premium features for a while. This means you can change your location and get connections in areas that you visit frequently. What happens if you do not move around a lot and want to explore beyond the geographic limitations of Tinder Passport? You can use a location changing tool and move you device virtually. This will allow you to access profiles of people who are far away without physically traveling to the place.

These are the two best ways to ensure that you make the most of your Tinder Passport free trial. Remember that when the trial period is over, you may not have access to features such as changing locations, but the upside is that if you will have made serious connections, you will not lose them, and you can continue chatting until you both agree to meet in person at this time, you will have to travel to meet your perfect match. Also Check: 18 K Gold Worth. But to use the service and get to premium features, you need to subscribe to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

And to subscribe, all you need to do is to tap on the profile icon on the top left corner of the main screen and select, Settings and then select Get Tinder Plus or Get Tinder Gold.

Another way to get Tinder Gold for free is by getting promo codes on the internet. You can get the codes from different apps and websites. Once you have the codes, you can use them to install Tinder Gold for free. While this is an incredible hack, it requires a lot of effort.

This is because you have to ensure you have legit promo codes. This may take a lot of work and time. However, it is worth it because this hack will get you Tinder Gold for free for a longer time than the three-day trial period. However, the codes will not get you permanent free access to Tinder Gold. Yes, it does. After three days of testing out Tinder Gold, you will be automatically charged unless you cancel the subscription. There is a catch you should be aware of.

Not only do you need to remember to cancel so as not to lose money, but you should also cancel one day prior to the expiration date. Learn how to cancel your Tinder subscriptions following this guide. Canceling a subscription can be complicated, especially if you have a deadline.

Tinder is particularly tricky because the cancellation steps differ depending on how you registeredon your Apple or Android device, using Google play store or the Tinder website. DoNotPay is here to make these obstacles go away. All you have to do to cancel a subscription with us is. Its that easy! If you are wondering about a Tinder refund as well, make sure to check out this webpage.

Now go to the menu on the left and select Account. Go to Subscriptions and then select Tinder. Click Cancel Subscription or Cancel to cancel your Gold subscription. Click the confirmation button when prompted. The upgrade to Tinder Gold includes Tinder Plus, so you have access to all those bells and whistles. In this article, we will tell you super easy ways to get free Tinder Gold! With the world digitalizing at an alarming pace, romance is also being virtualized.

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Get a free trial. While there are many apps and websites that claim there are sneaky ways to get Tinder Gold for free, the only tried-and-true method for doing so is to sign up for a free trial of the service.

A free Tinder Gold trial is not always available, but keep a look out for notifications in the app , as well as emails from Tinder. Tinder occasionally offers free trial codes to users that they can share with friends. Ask your friends to tell you if they receive a free trial code so you can test out the service!

Get somebody to buy you a gift subscription. If someone were to buy you a Google Play or App Store gift card that's large enough to cover the cost of a Tinder Gold membership, you can apply the gift card to your Google Play or App Store account and use it to pay for the membership.

All Tinder code generators are fake. Don't fall for any websites that claim you can generate a free Tinder Gold subscription code, as none of them work. Apps that claim to give you free Tinder Gold don't work.

These apps are full of ads and designed to get you to download other apps so the developer can make money.

Installing a "free Tinder Gold" app is more likely to give you malware and incessant ads instead of unblurred photos of the people who like you. Change your age. Tinder Gold's pricing structure is age-based, so changing your age in the app could reduce the price. Using a fake age isn't very honest and is likely to upset your matches , so this is probably not the best option.

Sign up on the web instead of the mobile app. Some Tinder users have noticed that the price they are quoted to sign up for Tinder Gold is several dollars cheaper when they try to sign up at Tinder.

Look for a promo code. Tinder occasionally offers discounts to Tinder Gold, which you'll usually find on coupon websites. Search the web for "Tinder Gold" and "Promo Code" occasionally to check out available discounts, or keep your eye on your email inbox for promotional messages from Tinder.

You can also search for "Tinder Gold Promo" and "Reddit" to see if any Redditors have codes they want to share. Don't provide any personal information in exchange for a promo code. If a website claims you need to create an account with them to get a promo code, it's a scam. Choose a 6-month or 1-year subscription instead of month-to-month. Tinder charges more if you pay monthly than if you were to subscribe for a longer period of time. Since prices are based on age, these are low estimates.

Choose the sign-up option but don't pay. Some users report that when they click or tap the option to sign up for Tinder Gold and leave the page open for a few minutes without making a purchase, they receive a discount code via email from the service.

It's definitely worth a try!

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