How long will tinder ban me

With millions of users worldwide, Tinder must ensure that each user feels source on the platform. It makes that possible by maintaining strict community guidelines that describe the expected behavior from every user. Failure to honor the community guidelines intentionally or unknowingly is the cause of Tinder account suspensions or bans. This guide will help you understand the possible reasons why Tinder banned your account to help you avoid future occurrences. We will also show you how to appeal your suspension so that you can get unbanned and connect with people on Tinder again.

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The ban always comes when you least expect it, and all your date leads instantly go down the drain. Follow this link to go directly to the Tinder contact support page. At this point, you fill in the remaining sections of hkw form to explain why you should be unbanned. Tinder allows users to self-police its dating app, which means if you rub enough people the wrong way, you are destined get banned. One time I waited a couple of months, and when I signed in, my account was magically back in business. I have no clue why they hide their messages, though, this type lony activity is malika dating fall right in line with how they tend to treat paying customers.


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Your attempts to log in will fail, and you will see an on-screen notification about your ban. This means that you cannot do any of the activities that you normally do on the app, like chatting. Note that if you get an error code or message when attempting to sign in, your account is not banned, but you might be experiencing some technical problems. If you have a Tinder subscription linked to your credit card, it will be automatically canceled. If your subscriptions are managed via Google Play Store or your Apple ID, you will need to cancel them yourself to avoid future recurring payments.

Before you decide to let go of the matches and conversations you have in the app, you can try to get unbanned using the following ways:. Do this by writing an email to Tinder at help goTinder. Follow these steps to send your request:. Because Tinder has your data, you need to avoid getting recognized by the system when creating your new account. Here are the essential details that you need to pay attention to when creating a new account:.

The point is to get rid of anything that can alert Tinder you are associated with a banned account. DoNotPay can help you draft a demand letter with strong arguments that will hopefully get your account unbanned. All you need is to follow these steps:. The app will draft your personalized letter and send it to Tinder immediately. The letter includes a two-week deadline for Tinder to make the final decision. If you were discriminated against by Tinder based on your race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, and veteran status, DoNotPay can help you fight back.

Getting suspended or banned from different platforms can be frustrating, especially when the reason is not clear. From gaming accounts to online marketplaces, you can use DoNotPay to get unbanned. DoNotPay can support you through various burdensome procedures and turn them into a breeze! Would I be able to create an account, as i think it links account with device.

I know this for sure because I started a new account a few weeks ago on my backup phone with a new. The same phone had been banned, shadowbanned, you name it. I recommend purchasing Cheat Codes to avoid getting banned in the future.

If I get new phone n use new sim, hope I will be able to create new account. Plz suggest if I need anything else too…. Even I feel most of people who had been banned were paid members. Do u feel not to become paid member is gud way to avoid ban. I have no idea how to use cheat codes n wht are they to avoid ban. Can u share any link for information. How could I escape from it.

The post for a shadowban and how to make a fresh Tinder account will help you do it the right way. Guys who reported you before can report you again. Anyone who sees your profile card can report you. I was in the process of deleting it when the notification from Tinder popped up saying I was banned.

Changing my is not an option. Hi, Thanks for your thoughtful and thorough writing here and elsewhere on your site. I really appreciate it! I can still message with my matches without a problem ie. Or could I be shadowbanned though still able to message old matches? Or do I just need a dang haircut? How many matches were you accustomed to getting before? Have you already swiped through everyone in your area? In my opinion, Tinder only identifies the Apple ID once you make a purchase.

A few months ago, I had an account immediately get shadowbanned because I got lazy and started it with an Android phone connected to a Google Play account I had previously used to make a purchase.

Once I used an old iPhone with a fresh Apple ID, IP, and phone number, the account has worked fine, s of matches compared to 0 with a shadowban. A Boost is a good idea to test. If it fails, you may need to take a break and get back in the game again once some time has passed. Hi there I did everything suggested. Used glasses, new phone email. Wifi Apple ID, name, new pic. I have a few matches but not many. The ones I have I can message and one I know and they are getting my messages.

I did a boost and got a few likes in the circle. I messaged with them. I then changed location to Los Angeles for the night with tinder gold. Not a single person clicked on me. Thanks a lot for your help. Also, LA is most likely highly competitive and changing location to there may lead to minimal exposure, if any, in an overnight timeframe. Hi again :. To change my name do I have to do a whole new account?

If my account is up and running will tinder punishing me for deleting it and doing a new one? One more thing. If you are shadow banned does the gold circle and the gold flame with the plus symbol disappear? Hi, my account has been banned and I have no idea why.

There is no error message. Any ideas on my next move? Read this post or get this book. What should I do? Should I wait a few days to give it a rest or any other solution?

Thanks in advance. Do you want to get laid on Tinder? Duh, yes. Then you need to have this cheat sheet. I built the cheat sheet after reviewing tons of men's profiles and through my own years of experience using Tinder. Start getting laid today, not tomorrow! Hit by a Tinder Ban? How to Get Unbanned from Tinder in Last Updated Feb 7, Contents show. How to Get Unbanned from Tinder.

What are Tinder Error and other Tinder error codes? Is there a Tinder fix? Alternate Solutions to Get Back on Tinder. How to Avoid Getting Banned. Final Thoughts. My Tinder Plus settings. Sure, my contact email is at the bottom of the page, email me there.

To answer your questions: Change your name slightly or use a new name such as your middle name both have worked for me Use fresh pictures that look different than your previous ones e. Hey, I have used tinder for around 2 years now and have been fairly successful on it. Hi there, I got banned on Tinder for no reason. If I get new pH and new no, can I have another account. Plzz help…. Thanks for your help… If I get new phone n use new sim, hope I will be able to create new account. Plz suggest if I need anything else too… Earlier I was paid member there , can I use same credit card to buy subscription.

Can anyone report, I mean irrespective of where I swiped them?? Can u plz help in this…. The post for a shadowban and how to make a fresh Tinder account will help you do it the right way 2.

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