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Or, perhaps, you want to use a fake name instead of itnder real name. Ot the reason may be, is it possible to change the name on your Tinder account? And, can you change other information, such as your age? Keep reading to find out more. Many users struggle to find how to change their name on Tinder. Is it even possible to g easy dating this if the option is so well-hidden? Find out in the next section.

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How to Change Your Name on Tinder


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Tinder has made its name in the online dating world as one of the most popular apps. It matches all its users based on their age jow, locality, and interests. However, article source people are misled through wrong information on Tinder. If you want to change your name on Tinderor change your age…. You might think that opening a new account is the hos option. Can I change my date of birth on Tinder?

As a result, you will be able to change your date of birth as many times as you want. Tinder knows your age either because you typed it when you registered via email or your mobile number. Or because you connected your Tinder to your Facebook account. In this case, Tinder takes all information, including your age on tinder from it. As a result, it knows your age and displays it on your profile. Unless you hide age on tinder or change it through you Facebook.

Tinder has tight control of your profile - include what information shows up. On one hand, this is good for preventing fake accounts and bots. Have any more questions about how Tinder works? Read my guide here. It covers everything from what photos your profile needs to have.

Zirby is a business too, and I need to put food on the table. But that said, Tinder actively decides to hide or show your profile when it wants. Even if you pay for their app with Tinder gold! More Tinder Hacks Advice:. Marc is the founder of Zirby: the Tinder advice blog with millions of readers a year. Uncover your inner confidence and experience a fulfilling dating life. Follow Marc on YouTube or Instagram.

How do you Change Your Age on Tinder? Tinder Hacks. Jul 22 Written By Marc Falzon. If you want to change your name on Tinder , or change your age… You might think that opening a new account is the only option. How does Tinder know my age? There are two ways to change age on Tinder.

But: If you want to purposely show your wrong age on Tinder but keep the correct age on Facebook then you have to resort to other methods. If you do not want to or cannot change your age on Facebook for some personal reasons: Then you have to make a fake Facebook account and connect it to your new Tinder profile.

If you have decided to sign in on Tinder app by linking it to your Facebook account: Then you can simply change your age by changing it on Facebook. To change your age, you have to follow the following steps: Since Tinder takes all your information from your Facebook, you need to open the same Facebook account that you have registered with on Tinder app.

Click on edit and update your date of birth as you wish. The steps here are pretty simple: Create a new Facebook account. Create a new Tinder account. Link them together. Congrats, you have changed your name in your Tinder account. In this case you also have to make a new Tinder account. If you created your Tinder profile without Facebook, with only a phone number, this means that you had to add your name when you signed up and you most likely made a typo when adding your name.

We have a full article explaining how you can delete your accoun t and other things related to deleting your Tinder account. Bear in mind that this will delete all your current matches, the conversations you had with your matches and all your previous right and left swipes.

You also should know that if you start up a new account right after you deleted one also called Tinder reset , you can be penalized with a shadowban by Tinder. Here is a wuick video that explains it but we also suggest to read our full article on Tinder reset:.

As Tinder reset is a great way to get your account a nice newbie boost, you should wait 3 months before starting up a new account. Do you have other Tinder profile information that needs to be corrected? We have another full tutorial on how you can change your age here. Do you have any other questions related to changing your name in your Tinder account or editing other profile information? Let us know in the comment section below and we will help you with that. Hundreds of Tinder, Bumble and online dating tutorials, guides and free resources.

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