How to hook up a mac laptop to a projector

How to hook up a mac laptop to a projector

How should you go about it? Read on to find out. The Mac laptop models that use Thunderbolt 1 or 2 ports include the following:. They have the same shape of port but are completely different. The symbols on the port and cable for any of three all check this out too. Why would you want your MacBook anything to display on a projector? There are a lot of reasons.

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By GB Blog Official 1. Step 1. Turn on your Mac. Get ready to project all the content you need. Step 2.

How to Connect iMac/Macbook to Projector – Projector Ninja


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You can play movies on your laptop on a much bigger screen than your laptop screen or even HDTV screen. If you can get a low-latency projector, you can even decently play quality games on your Mac with a bigger interface.

With that said, what are the steps to enabling you to display your Mac on a projector? Here are the steps to do it, by the way. This is especially true when it comes to home entertainment systems, school presentations, and office settings.

With that in mind, you can extend such benefits all the way to how you connect your Mac to your projector. There is a way to skip the part where you have to get adapter cables to connect your Mac to a projector by connecting it wirelessly via Airplay. Apple devices can get quite finicky to link to a non-Apple projector or any other device not also made by Apple due to their separate connection standards exclusive for use with other Apple devices. Apple wants Apple users to only use Apple products and the only way to bypass this is through adapters and converters.

Airplay via Apple TV is also available to you for use for wireless Mac connections. Image Source by Azamat Bohed. Where can you hide your projector screen when not in use?

Can you incorporate it somehow into your home entertainment setup or system without it getting in the way? We've come up with 10 solutions How do you create a basement projector setup? Keep on reading to find out how it should be done. It involves a lot of planning, placement, cable management, and Wi-Fi connectivity to work. You can use USB-C connectors with displays and other devices that connect with its cable, particularly your projector.

You can also connect a power adapter and USB-C cable to charge your computer. Thunderbolt 1 and 2: Thunderbolt 1 or 2 works with displays and other devices like Apple-compatible projectors that require connections with the Thunderbolt cable.

They have the same shape but have different symbols on the port and cable. While it is possible to connect USB-A devices together, make sure that the connection also allows for screen mirroring or display instead of acting like a power adapter or flash drive. Turn on Your Mac and Projector: Your Mac should be turned on before you connect it to your projector.

This will get you ready to project or mirror the display you see on your laptop screen to a separate projection image from your projector. Also, plug your projector to an electrical socket because you also need your projector to be turned on as well to make your connection possible. Turn on your Mac.

Get ready to project all the content you need. Step 2. Plug in the projector to an electrical wall outlet socket and turn it ON. Step 3. In order to do this, you will most likely need a Mac adapter cable. Note: There are at least five different Mac adapter cables, which will vary depending on your computer's video inputs. So pay attention when you are choosing a most proper one.

Step 4. Once the Mac and projector are connected, click on the Apple Menu in the top left corner of your screen. And then select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Step 5. Select the Displays icon. And when the Displays window appears, click the Detect Displays button. At this point, your Mac and projector should be synchronized.

If not, try following the steps below:. Note: After you have checked this box, please wait for several seconds until the displays are mirrored. Once the displays are mirrored, you will see the same image on both your projector and your computer. You may also want to read:.

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