How to hook up two bluetooth headphones

Using headphones has become a widespread occurrence in this day and age. There is a myriad of different models of varying quality hkw on the market, all ready to be connected to your preferred device. Usually, one pair of headphones per device is enough, but what are we to do when click at this page is not the case? And there is another question related to this one. Knowing that one pair of headphones can be connected to multiple devices via Bluetooth, all thanks to Multipoint technology, is the reverse possible?

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For one thing, most computers only have one headphone jack. The good news is you can learn how to connect two or even more headphones to your Mac or PC without too much by following this simple guide. Most computers have only one mini-stereo outputor an audio jack. Some desktop computers may have two or more jacks. But, in general, most PCs and Macs only have one headphone jack. And since we like to carry them around with us for work and travel, most people prefer to keep it that way.

How To Use Two Or More Headphones On PC or Mac (Wired/Bluetooth) - Headphonesty


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Are headphonds searching for something like "how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers on Windows 10," or "how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers on Windows 11? Connecting multiple wired go here on Windows is easy—all you need hezdphones an audio cable splitter. But how do you connect multiple Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously? In this article, we'll explore the various ways of connecting multiple Bluetooth audio devices on Windows. What's the first thing to do before searching for "how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to laptop," or "how to connect multiple Bluetooth headphones to laptop? It's simple—you need to ensure your device supports pairing multiple Bluetooth devices! That's because this feature is only available on devices with Bluetooth 5.

When it comes to its Bluetooth connectivity, Apple claims that their iPhone is able to provide connection to 7 Bluetooth devices. This practically means that connecting multiple pairs of headphones on an iPhone device is quite easy to do. The practical limit of their connectivity, however, is 3 to 4 devices, so do keep that in mind. Connecting the headphones to your iPhone is a simple process.

All you need to do is turn your Bluetooth signal on, allow your phone to synchronize with the headphones, and play your music.

The trouble with iPhone is that, although connectivity is stable, the sound can be played only on one pair of the connected headphones. Mac OS offers a built-in way of connecting multiple headphones on one Mac device. A MacBook can support both wired and wireless connection between it and the headphones, and the process pretty simple. What you need to do is to turn on the Bluetooth on your MacBook, and pair the device and the headsets. Once you do that, click on the Use This Device for Sound Output option, then simply click on the headphones you wish to use.

For connecting more than two headsets, Bluetooth splitters are always a good solution. Windows 10 has enabled the use of multiple audio output devices from the get-go, and this applies to wireless headphones as well. This is a godsend for audio editors, and especially gamers when having a guest during a game streaming session. Most of the options out there are for wired headsets, but there are for Bluetooth headphones as well. The use of splitters comes is even more important when it comes to Windows As said by Microsoft themselves, there is no way for you to connect multiple Bluetooth devices without a splitter!

Hopefully, some of the incoming system updates might change this Windows 10 feature, or the option for connecting more than one pair of Bluetooth headphones might become a possibility in some of the future iterations of Windows OS. No, they cannot. Yes, absolutely. There are no issues whatsoever with combining your wired and wireless headsets and using them simultaneously. Go to your sound settings after pairing the Bluetooth headset with your PC, pick your standard and your Bluetooth headset as primary sound output devices, and that is that.

Bear I mind, however, that sometimes a slight sound delay may occur, most often because of the system itself, so the reproduction may not always be on point. You will be able to connect them simultaneously, yes, but sadly, you will not be able to use them at the same time. Only one of the two connected devices can be used as an audio output, not two. Good question though.

Oh no. There is a number of relatively low priced headsets out there with great sound quality. Or you can just use whatever you already have. The choice is yours. As we can see, all smart devices and personal computers can provide some way of connecting multiple Bluetooth headphones on once device.

Splitters have proven to be the foolproof option applicable on different operating systems, but the systems themselves may provide you with the option for such a type of connectivity. Granted, there is some work to be done, but the results are more than worth the effort.

What is your preferred way of connecting multiple headphones on a single device? Do you have a useful alternative? Let us know in the comments below. Close menu. True Wireless Earbuds. Hi-Res Earphones. Gaming Headsets. Sport Smart Watch. Smart Bracelet. However, not all speakers offer this sort of privilege.

Looking for more tips on how to connect two Bluetooth headphones to your PC? We'll now explore the steps for connecting your devices to Windows. Start by checking if you're using Bluetooth audio devices that can pair with each other. In most cases, this could mean using devices of the same model or brand. To confirm this, you might need to check the specs of your Bluetooth audio devices. If your devices can pair with each other, here's how you simultaneously connect them to Windows:.

Next, click the Add Bluetooth or other device button on Windows and select the Bluetooth option. Your device should start searching for available Bluetooth devices.

When this process is complete, click the audio device you want to connect to. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process. Want an extra tip on how to connect 2 Bluetooth headphones to a laptop or desktop?

Let's explore one more option. However, you're struggling to connect your multiple Bluetooth devices. How do you tackle this kind of problem? The best solution would be to configure the sound settings and ensure everything is okay.

In the next window, navigate to the Recording tab. From there, follow these steps:.

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