How to know sun and moon signs

When you read your horoscopes or look something up according to their zodiac sign, you are generally looking at your sun sign. Knod you are much more than your Sun sign. It only represents one side of your dating book. You also need to know your Moon sign. Sun sign vs Moon sign.

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The Sun and Moon Sign Calculator lets you know the zodiac sign of your Sun and Moon in astrology, based on your birth date, birth place, and your birth time. Your time of sjgns is used to help us find your Moon Sign. Leave it as Ohw. Your birth location determines the angle at which the sun and moon are at. As apart of this service, you will recieve occasional special offers from Hey Hero and The Rising. You can modify or cancel your subscription at any time.

Sun sign vs moon sign: What is it and how does it affect the zodiac signs?


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Sun sign vs moon sign — know click the following article difference and how it affects each zodiac sign right here. Sun sign, also known as your zodiac signstar sign and birth sign, is very easy to calculate as the Sun has a fixed path or ecliptic in the zodiac. By merely looking at your date of birth one can know your sun sign. When you are looking for your horoscope online, you are essentially looking at sings sun sign. Moon is the fastest moving planet and is generally used as an indicator of events.

Last Updated: June 12, References. With link 30 years of experience, she specializes in providing personal and professional advice through astrology and tarot card readings. Stina has experience working with high-profile sn, sports figures, politicians, and CEOs. This article has been viewedtimes. In astrology, your sun and moon signs are really important to figure out who you are.

Sun is the outer self, which can be altered according to your choice and situation while the moon is the inner you, your true self. Sun takes 12 months to traverse all zodiac signs i. However, the moon moves more quickly and is only in a particular sign for approximately two and a half days.

Hence, the predictions on the basis of moon sign are more precise and accurate. Your moon sign represents the position of the moon at the time of birth.

The moon moves swiftly through the 12 zodiac signs and it takes about a month to travel through all the signs. So determining your moon sign must be accurate. For the purposes of determining your moon sign, you not only need your birth date, but also your place and exact time of birth.

If you know where your moon was at birth, please see below the characteristics of each of the moon signs. Yes, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Follow our daily snapshots at lifestyleasiaindia. An astrology chart reading can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities for soul growth, the best timing for your most important moves.

Subscribe Horoscopes Find a Spiritual Expert. Calculate your Love Compatibility Are you compatible with your crush? Let's get to know you Name. We'll need your date of birth to get started. Enter your email address. Next, we'll need your time of birth. Almost there! You are a [sun sign] Sun and a [moon sign] Moon.

The main difference between the sun sign and moon sign, i. Some combinations work well together. For example, having a Taurus Sun Sign and Cancer as your moon sign creates a favourable combination. By contrast, some combinations create friction. But, if your Sun sign and the Moon sign are the same, then congrats! You are the most intensified version of an astrology type. Say, for example, Your sun sign is Aries, and your moon sign is also Aries, then your energy will be amplified.

You will be more driven, bold, and energetic. By knowing your Sun sign and Moon sign personality traits, you gain a better understanding of yourself. You can learn to blend the different traits of your Sun sign and Moon sign and utilise the strengths of both. To check the compatibility of your zodiac sign with that of your partner, click here for Free Compatibility Report! Moon signs may have more influence over your life than your Sun sign.

The question, then, is how? The Sun sign is said to be your outer self, while the moon sign is your inner self. Plus, the Sun takes 12 months to travel through all the 12 zodiac signs, i. The moon moves faster and only stays in a sign for two and a half days at a time; hence the predictions made are more accurate and precise.

We hope that these points have clearly explained the Sun sign Vs Moon sign. Always remember, you are much more than your Sun sign. Your ascendant, your moon sign, planetary position in your birth chart know not only your moon sign altogether help you to understand the real you and help you reveal your hidden superpowers. What Is The Sun Sign? What Is The Moon Sign? The Moon Signs, Explained! Let us have a deeper look into it: Moon as an Air Sign : The air signs — Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra will have an objective approach when dealt with change in circumstances.

How to know your Sun Sign?

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