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Last Updated: May 30, References. This article was co-authored by Angel Eyedealism. With nearly three decades of ro experience, Angel specializes you relocation astrology and astrocartography. Angel aims to help others through a straightforward, kind, and humorous astrological lens, utilizing her entertainment and singing skills for performance art astrology readings. This article has been viewed 94, times. Your rising sign also called your ascendant is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born.

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Calculate your rising sign with this Rising Sign Kaplan mn. The rising sign is also known as the ascendant. An exact birth time is required. Even a few minutes of difference in a birth time can change your rising sign. Birth City:.

Rising Sign Calculator


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Rising Sign Ascendant is the sign on the cusp of the first house of the natal chart. It is the sign and degree of that sign that is seattle dating over 40 on the Eastern horizon at the sitn of birth, with respect to the place of birth. The Ascendant is one of the four angles of the chart. Your Rising Sign, otherwise known as risng Ascendant, is the Zodiac Sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born. When you know the time you were born, your Ascendant Sign can be calculated to the exact degree.

The rising sign is also known as tinder meat gif Ascendant. We can find out the Ascendant only if we know your birth year, month, day, and time. If the hour of your birth is unknown, then we cannot find out your ascendant, this is simply impossible since it is determined depending on the time of your birth with ho accuracy of about 2 hours. If the year, month, and day of birth of a person is known, then it already becomes clear how a person will manifest himself in this life and what his fate is. In addition to the sun sign, the moon sign plays a very important role in human life as well. We can find out the strengths and weaknesses of our body about the tendency of our body to various diseases, etc. The moon displays the dark or closed side of a person.

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Write down the month, day, and year of your birth. Chances are, you already know your birthday. Write down this information, so that it is handy. Double check your birth certificate or ask one of your parents if you are unsure. Determine the time of your birth. If you do not know your time of birth, you can get this info by asking your family members or looking at your birth certificate.

The more exact your time of birth is, the more accurate your rising sign will be. Make sure you know if the time is AM or PM. Figure out the location where you were born. The location your were born also plays a role, in part because of time zones. Ask your parents or look at your birth certificate. Figure out the city and state of your birth, or at the very least, try to determine your birthplace time zone.

Calculate for local time differences if you will use a rising sign chart. The times provided on a rising sign chart are laid out in 2-hour increments. If you were born in a place where the sunrise was significantly later or earlier than AM, you may need to adjust your time of birth in order for the chart to work. You may also need to account for daylight savings time. If the was sunrise much later than AM, add hours to your birth time.

If your birthday fell during daylight savings time, subtract 1 hour from your birth time. Professional astrologers and rising sign calculators will make these changes for you. Part 2. Determine your sun sign. In order to determine your rising sign, you will need to know your sun sign. This is the Zodiac sign you are most likely to be familiar with.

This sign outlines many aspects of your personality. Consult a rising sign chart. On the horizontal axis of a rising sign chart, you will see the 12 sun signs listed. On the vertical axis, you will see 2-hour windows of time. Scroll across until you locate your sun sign. Then scroll down to the time window in which you were born. Remember to account for the time of your local sunrise when determining your birth time. Use a rising sign calculator. There are many free online calculators that can help you determine your rising sign.

Plug in your birth day, year, time, and location. Click "enter" and see your rising sign. Have your full natal chart done. Find a professional astrologer in person or online , or use a free online resource, to draw up your complete natal chart.

Your natal chart will outline your sun, moon, and rising signs. It will also contain more information about the locations of the planets at the time of your birth, and how this affects your personality. Part 3. Learn about Aries rising. Folks with a rising sign in Aries are outgoing.

They find it easy to strike up a conversation wherever they go. They are generous with compliments, but they can also be blunt when they speak.

They know how to act quickly, but can sometimes be impulsive. They enjoy being in leadership roles, although they are often restless. Read about Taurus rising. Individuals with a rising sign in Taurus are able to keep their cool in all situations. People with a rising sign in Taurus are good at listening and paying attention to others when they speak. They are also very kindhearted. For both of these reasons, they are often good at giving advice.

Understand Gemini rising. Individuals with a rising sign in Gemini are fundamentally curious. They want to try everything once. Folks with a rising sign in Gemini might find it hard to focus on only thing at a time, but people of this rising sign are good at multitasking.

These folks tend to be busy and sometimes nervous. They like to keep themselves moving, and their interest can jump from topic to topic.

Investigate Cancer rising. People with a rising sign in Cancer are excellent problem solvers. They can talk out any dispute and come to an understanding.

These people are gentle and pleasant, and they can read the cures of others well. Individuals with a rising sign in Cancer tend to have strong memory abilities, and they are usually family-oriented folks. Study Leo rising. Folks that have Leo as their rising sign tend to be good natured, frank, and generous people, although they can be a bit forceful at times.

These people often make good leaders, inspiring those around them to try harder. People with a Leo rising often hold high ideals and carry themselves with grace. You are happy in money matters, you occupy a high position. You have great organizational influence. You feel very happy, especially as a leader, and you feel resentful when you are not given one. When you are not treated properly, you can become overconfident.

You are confident in yourself and unshakably believe in yourself. You are attractive, have a great sense of humor. You are blessed with a beautiful head and shiny fine hair. Virgo Rising: You have an analytical mind. An analytical mind based on facts and information.

Work is important to you and you usually work hard. Success is often associated with deals and traveling away from home. You have a thin oval face, sharp eyes that perceive everything, and a body that appears weak is actually strong. The role of Mercury is very important in your life. It gives logical thinking, observation, strength, mental views, sensory perception. Libra Rising: This is the most pleasant and harmonious sign.

You have an innate charm and poise. You are extremely sensitive and enjoy creating a happy atmosphere with people. Parties, joy, and a good time are your elements. You are optimistic, cheerful, and nothing annoys you like dishonesty. You strive for an artistic and creative life, but your acting skills remain untapped. Scorpio Rising: You are completely committed to everything you do. You are not the person who quits your job.

You are energetic, life is boiling inside you. Your smart, creative and resourceful brain seems to be the source of endless thoughts and initiatives. What you need to do is first study it, discover its inner meaning, and then only do what you have planned.

This also applies to your acting skills. Your willpower and decisions are important. You are a charming, cheerful conversationalist. Sagittarius Rising: You have independence and freedom, you hate boring work and you cannot be limited by outdated thoughts. You are progressive, optimistic about the future, you are successful.

You are honest and generous with others It is true that you expect too much from a friend, you make friends easily and enjoy heated discussions with them.

You have a reputation for being honest. You love to travel and find out new places. Travel is the goal of your life, accompanied by success. Capricorn Rising: You are serious, but you take many questions lightly.

You are attentive to your actions, you do not want to start a business, because you need to know in advance the real value of this business. You are calm and reserved with strangers. You have a strong character, you are endowed with a strong will, decisive decisions, and work hard to achieve your goals. The planet that rules you is Saturn, whose influence gives you discipline, ambition, patience, determination. Also gives stubbornness and melancholy.

You have a beautiful small head, deep discerning eyes, a beautiful smile, beautiful teeth. You have strong legs and love to walk or walk.

Aquarius Rising: You make friends easily, you are smart and lively, honest and truthful. You usually get married early and show solidarity with your life partner.

In middle age, you lose your well-being because you never earn as much as you want. Friends will always help you at work and in personal matters. You have a wide forehead, a beautiful face, dreamy eyes. Many of you are tall and slender. Uranus, who also rules Aquarius, gives you independence, versatility, and hatred of limitations. Pisces Rising: You are endowed with a strong acting talent, which will manifest itself sooner or later.

You live an energetic, quirky life, you have romantic views, you want life to be perfect. Having noticed that life is imperfect, you choose to ignore the flaws Sometimes it seems to you that you were born in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and you deeply study the past. As you already saw, you can click on the read more button and check detailed information about each rising sign.

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