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By Miles. Yes, it's wonderful to be in a relationship with someone you love but it's not everything in life. Guest contributor Miles Young shares his reasons on why romantic relationships are seriously overrated! If you believe your family, the media, and pretty much everyone else, you must have a romantic relationship for a fulfilling life. Forget that. Here are 7 reasons that pre dating speed dating reviews relationships are overrated.

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Whether they are little freshmen or big old seniors, it is as if you have to be in a is dating overrated to be considered cool. This couldn't be further from the truth, and I wish more teenagers knew it. There have been so many fights between girls in my school when one of their friends starts dating an ex-boyfriend of sites dating elitesingles christian. By not dating in high school, you are helping yourself steer clear of quite a bit of drama that takes place. As everyone splits ways after high school, many of their relationships aren't serious enough to last past high school. If you can make it past high school, then props to you, but most relationships don't.

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Dating sucks; big time. There, I said it. I hate it. I hate the notion of moving on and forgetting about people. You should not get involved with someone to just abandon them entirely when it starts to get hard. Is it honestly that difficult to reach common here instead of just packing up shop? I hate feeling like the only one who thinks this way.

State Farm and many other companies require records of every adult in your household. That means an irresponsible person could push your rate up even before you get married. Perhaps it's unfortunate, but many people find it impossible to manage romantic relationships while focusing on their careers. Without a significant around, you can stay at the office as late as you want. Want to work weekends without catching grief? No problem. Maybe you'll decide to start a relationship later, but for now, you want to focus on building your career.

You always said you'd put your friends before your relationship. How many times have you seen one of your friends fall away from your usual group because they started dating some someone? You could fall into that trap, too. At the beginning of their relationships, couples often want to spend as much time together as possible. That's fine for a while, but then it becomes a routine. A year later, you wonder why you never see your friends anymore.

Do you really want to restrict yourself to one person? Most romantic partners will want monogamous relationships that restrict your variety. It's not just about sex, either. You can learn a lot about life by dating people casually. Once things start getting serious, though, you can wave goodbye to spending one evening with a person who likes to go to art museums and spending the next with one who loves going out to dance. If you want that kind of variety in your life, you either have to remain single or find the coolest partner in the world.

Good luck with the latter. Society tells you that you need a romantic relationship, but you don't. Where's the proof that you have to settle down with one person to have a good life? It just isn't there. Consider all of the famous, powerful, amazing women who never got married.

That list includes: Susan B. You don't need a romantic relationship to have a great companion. Dogs give better kisses, and they don't get pushy about those kisses leading to other things.

Besides, who's happier to see you when you come home, a dog or a romantic partner? If you want unconditional love, then you have to go with the dog. The stress of a bad relationship can last a lifetime. It could also shorten your lifespan which might not sound so bad after a few years of scowling across the breakfast table at the same person. Researchers at Ohio State University found that couples in unhealthy, stressful relationships were actually less healthy than people who didn't live with that stress.

To test the hypothesis, they gave individuals small blisters on their arms and had them discuss difficult topics with their spouses. Pumpkin carving is fun as well as apple picking, but I associate these activities with the season of fall.

The smell of pumpkin candles or the pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks just makes me upset. I never understood the love for pumpkin flavoring. Maybe, I just don't understand it, but gingerbread cookie flavors taste amazing and the smell of Christmas trees beats the smell of pumpkin in every way. Sorry, October. I know so many people who consider you the best month of the year, but personally, I disagree.

November and December are way better months overall than you. You are overrated. This probably sounds like the most self-absorbed, egotistical, and frankly downright irritating white-girl problem Society is built on four essential and dominating pillars: Husky puppies, Game of Thrones, Dunkin coffee, and most importantly, first impressions. Whether we like to admit it or not, the power of a first impression is incalculable and because we give them so much clout, they are harder to shake than STDs.

Psychologists have said that people form opinions about others in less than 2 seconds of meeting them. What does this have to do with having above-average-sized shirt-sabouters? I'll get to that later Having larger boobage sucks for a plethora of reasons. Of course, a busty chest is, first and foremost, inconvenient Well, just forget about those. And don't even get me started on going braless Big boobs take up way too much space; they make exercise an act of engineering, rather than fitness; they, unfortunately, are a regular point of conversation; they make everything I wear look like a Playboy campaign, and the boob-sweat could fry a batch of McDonalds french fries.

Not only are they an evil to our fragile spines, but they are a true villain to our bank accounts, and the investments made are comparable to our grandma's table-cloth wrapped in enough underwire to construct an electric fence.

And as if these larger-than-life-shoulder-boulders weren't already a bother, to say the least, they end up being one of the most preeminent and recognizable definitions of my identity. And don't get me wrong, sometimes I like being known But I would prefer to be known for something other than a simple act of engineering by God or for something that is not usually associated with porn, nipples, or lactation ew.

I mean, don't misunderstand: I love my body. Yeah, the jiggles on my thighs could reach dangerous levels on the Richter scale and without 3 layers of sports bras, I can't exercise without giving the general public my own personal rendition of "Bounce It" by Juicy J.

But as a whole, I think I give off the "probably-doesminutes-of-cardio-but-can-easily-eatpieces-of-pizza" vibe And I'm okay with that. But I wish that my chest wasn't so noticeable.

And I'll take some responsibility - I don't hide these sweater-stretchers at all. But frankly, I just don't think that I can win. I try to dress like everyone else I would just like to be allowed to wear a tank top in August and not be criticized for looking like a naughty nympho from a video-game.

It ends up being the only thing that people remember about me. I want my first impression to be remembered by the content of my character, not the conspicuity of my cleavage. So, if studies show that people confirm their opinions on others in less than two seconds, how do I overcome my image as a cheesy sex-motifl? Obviously, I can't cut off these tater tots If I can only afford one supportive bra, then I certainly can't afford plastic surgery. And why should I? I like them , I just don't like their stigma.

Sure, I could exclusively wear oversized t-shirts, turtlenecks, or parkas But why should these dinosaur eggs be hidden away?

I don't want to conceal one of the things that sets me apart, I just don't want it to be the only thing that sets me apart. So what is a bosomy girl to do to conquer the demon of her melons' reputation? Will anyone ever see past the first impression left by my organically-exaggerated sternum? I mean, it's just a physical characteristic, built by genetics, chance, and probably excessive cheesecake or hot wings that I didn't need to eat.

If you have been defined by any physical trait, then you know how I feel. Perhaps, you're the girl with the big nose, or the guy with a lot of freckles. It is a compliment, sure, but it's hard not to worry that no one will see more than just those things. Upon realizing how much I was judged, I recognized how much I judge. I notice the clashing patterns on people's pants, the wrinkles by their eyes, the frizziness of their hair before ever listening to the substance coming out of their mouths.

So, maybe we could all make an effort to stop making quick judgements based on others' appearances. No one should be defined by their complexion, tone of voice, hair texture, skin pigment, clothing brands, freakin' winged-ness of their eyeliner, or any other negligible trait Let's define each other by our fascinations, relationships, senses of humor, or even our freakin' favorite foods.

No one is one thing; we are all amalgamations of several vital virtues - we're just savory cakes, embellished with sprinkles and frosting, but containing a plethora of different ingredients that give them their true flavors I mean, doesn't all frosting taste the same anyway?

Leave it to me to use a food metaphor. But the point is that even though I don't mind, and sometimes I even like, being known for these upper body passionfruits , I hope that people recognize that there might be a little bit more to me than the naturally-superfluous nature of my chest - the same way that there is more to that girl with the rolling backpack or the boy with the slim-rimmed glasses.

So, give people chances; introduce yourself; get to know people past the first impression And maybe you think that this commentary is annoying, hypocritical, or just another typical white girl complaining about first-world, immaterial obstacles.. Brittany Morgan, National Writer's Society 2. Kristen Haddox , Penn State University 4.

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University of Oklahoma. Everywhere I look in my high school, there are couples are tangled up together. There are several reasons that dating in high school is overrated.

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