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All Rights Reserved. Like a baby, how can you possibly know what your town will actually become? In this case, the founders of Rehoboth Beach got it right. Rehoboth Beach is quaint. Like 1,people-during-off-season quaint. Https:// the weather warms, the beaches and twitch tinder streets fill with people, many from Rehlboth, Philadelphia, and Washington D.

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If instead you're for a beautiful resort with a diverse population that is rhoboth gay friendly the place to go is Rehoboth BeachDE which is also more affordable. Robert W. Todd, of St. The Camp Meeting Association disbanded inand inthe location was incorporated by the Delaware General Assembly as "Henlopen City", shortly after which it was renamed Os Beach. Today Rehoboth Beach is a vibrant year-round community that grows exponentially during the summer season.

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This East Coast hangout is far less tourist-popular than its neighbors—Atlantic City, New Jersey, in the north and Ocean City, Maryland, in the south—but it to be one of the most gay-friendly slices of coastline around. Rehoboth Beach is a charming small town with a year-round population is rehoboth beach gay only about 1, but during summer, that number can multiply by beavh dozen or more. Each of Rehoboth's little hamlets attracts a different kind of crowd North Shore, for instance, has a reputation for being a lesbian hangout whereas Poodle Beach beckons young gay becah. It is very much a summertime destination, though—many businesses close up shop in the fall—so do your research before booking a trip in the off-season. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere at Rehoboth Beach, which means drinking during the day is just as—or perhaps even click —commonplace as drinking after dark. Restaurants often here with bars and vice versa. There's hardly an eatery in town that doesn't serve up margaritas.

While on the beach, keep an eye out for house party fliers. This is a big scene, and many of the parties are public. The nightlife is pretty active, considering the size of the town, with the Blue Moon the oldest gay bar in town and Aqua Grill maintaining their positions as standard favorites.

No spot is all that big, so you will find it easy to meet people wherever you go. The summer season is most popular, but those who come later know Rehoboth Beach still has something to offer. Hiking trails, kayaking, and fishing attract people who like that real outdoorsy stuff. Sign up for emails from Fagabond for advice, reviews, and deals to make your vacation as gay as you are.

Hotels Rental Cars Flights Vacations. Search Hotels. Search Vacations. Return at a different location? Search Cars. Search Flights. Flight 1. Flight 2. Flight 3. Flight 4. Flight 5. Book Now. Rehoboth Beach. Share This. Gay Nightlife in Rehoboth Beach. Both serving fine food. On the second block is the venerable Blue Moon and new places and old standbys that continue to improve. It then changed hands and became an art gallery. Philip has it again and it's the home of unique accent pieces and the unusual and the unexpected in home furnishings.

Philip still also focuses his art and talent on his fine jewelry business at Elegant Slumming. They carry a wide variety of affordable gifts including quality classic tees and hats, local pottery, soaps, and candles.

Stop in and you will see she has succeed royally. Her chicken salad is legendary and today Lori's will even deliver your lunch to the beach. Walk to the end of the block and on the South side find Hobos Restaurant and Bar , the creation of the very talented Gretchen Hanson. The food is wonderful and has been described as Eco Global Fusion. Hobos celebrates the subtle simplicity of street food from around the world.

Aqua with its huge outdoor deck and hundreds of hot men is the place to be on a summer evening in Rehoboth. From the moment you enter and are welcomed by Mike at the door, or Bill himself if he isn't otherwise occupied, the fun begins. You are approached by one of the hunky friendly waiters like Louis, Eric, Griffin, Cody or Matt among many others who will take your order and bring drinks to you with a smile. Or head to the bar and order a drink from the very hot bar manager Josh.

Stay and enjoy dinner from their tasty and affordable menu overseen by Andres or stop in for Sunday brunch. If you decide to wander off Baltimore Avenue which I suggest you do walk through the Rehoboth Mews and stop at the Coffee Mill for freshly brewed coffee and buy some beans to take home.

Then on Rehoboth Avenue stop in at Gidget's Gadgets , Rehoboth Avenue, owned by Steve Fallon for collectables and a wide selection of vinyl records. Cross the street and head to the fantastic ambiance of the Purple Parrot at Rehoboth Avenue. Owners Hugh and Troy have built a restaurant and bar now open year-round serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is great and affordable and the Biergarten is a fun place to hang out. The staff is friendly and with the addition last year of the always hot and fun Chandler behind the bar the Parrot is better than ever.

If you haven't been before make this summer your first visit to Rehoboth Beach and if you have been there go again and bring all your friends. Main Menu U.

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