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Here jobss companies like Lionbridge where you can apply for freelance, part-time, and remote positions. Lionbridge is undeniably one of the best companies to work for if working from home is your thing. Https:// there are dozens of other great companies offering decent search engine evaluator, software localisation, ads evaluatorand more jobs, either remotely, part-time, or on a freelance arrangement. Appen jobs range from online surveys and data collection tasks to micro tasks in marketing, customer support, and even social media assessor jobs. Keep in mind that Zimilar bought out Raterlabs a couple of years ago so all applications for Apen jobs redirects to Appen website. Lingotek is a top technology firm specializing in helping organizations communicate effectively with the global audience through their translation services. One hour translation offers part-time, freelance, flexible schedule, and telecommuting translation opportunities too.

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Sometimes, even a bit of extra money on the side can make a massive difference. These are lower paying gigs and short tasks designed to be completed quickly, not to sustain yourself for months on end. Like the go here suggests, Microtask appenn pay you for completing short online tasks in your spare time. These websites are great for earning some extra pocket money for things like buying groceries, paying off your bills, or investing some money on the side. When it comes jobs similar to appen finding micro jobs, Clickworker is one of the most popular platforms around. Users can sign up to work on Clickworker for free and set their own schedule after completing a short assessment to qualify for jobs.

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Everyone ximilar money to live after all! Now, in between all the part-time and full-time jobs, there are also smaller freelance gigs and micro tasks sites that you can complete to earn money. Jobs similar to appen, if the idea of making money online from anywhere in the world sounds appealing, completing odd jobs online for extra cash could be for you. More info, Appena site that offers flexible part-time and microtask jobsis learn more here leader in this space of quick projects and finding work. However, Appen is just the tip of the iceberg for these sorts of side gigs, and it always helps to have a few options at your disposal. Appen is a site that offers part-time flexible jobs that can be done from anywhere in the world.

Simple tasks such as surveys or record your voice with your mobile device. A values-centric culture is vital to our mission to help build better AI by creating large volumes of high-quality training data faster. Performance is having the focus and agility to achieve quality outcomes and exceed expectations. You never stop learning, and challenge yourself every day, while anr sites a healthy perspective and balance. Honesty is being a truth-teller in a respectful way, taking accountability for your actions, and communicating with integrity with each other, our customers, our crowd and ourselves.

Remotasks is a newer entrant to the work of crowdsourced micro jobs, and they also pay less on average than companies like Appen or Lionbridge. Popular jobs on Remotasks include image annotation, data collection, identifying spam, moderating content, and transcription. Spare 5 is another popular platform with both a website and mobile app so you can hustle while on the go. Spare 5 gigs generally pay a few cents to under a dollar, and payments are made on Friday via PayPal.

In other words, Zeerk is an alternative to Fiverr that focuses on micro tasks. This is the platform where people buy likes, followers, upvotes, social media accounts, and other semi-questionable online transactions.

On ySense, users can make money through surveys, download offers, watching videos, or by completing jobs like the ones posted on Figure Eight. Crowdtap presents users with questions every day, and you can gradually earn points for sharing your opinion.

You can redeem points for various rewards like gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other major brands. However, if you want to earn free gift cards over time by taking a few seconds to share your thoughts, this is a great option to turn to. If you want to get paid for your reviews or for sharing your opinion, Swagbucks is a beermoney classic you can utilize.. I used Swagbucks for ages to earn passive income from my phone farming setup , and I used their survey section once in a while when I was close to cashing out.

Swagbucks points can be redeemed for gift cards to major brands or PayPal cash, and the platform is available in most of the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Just note, the pay here is absolutely terrible. However, Grindabuck is also a solid way to earn some beermoney by answering surveys, and the top earners on the site regularly earn a few hundred dollars a month for their time.

Surveys are a grind, but if you can find a platform that works for you, you can definitely make some decent pocket change every month.

Plus, Grindabuck is a decent passive income website if you run their video rewards portal in the background. If you want to get paid for taking part in research studies to help scientific research efforts from hundreds of universities or research labs, Prolific is the site for you.

Prolific also operates in over a dozen countries, but certain studies may have age or gender restrictions. Prolific is a pretty solid job for college students since you can participate in online research studies as well as paid research groups taking place on your campus. You can check out our Prolific review for more information! Companies like TryMyUI connect quality assurance testers with businesses looking to perfect their website or app. Check out our TryMyUI review for all the details!

You must be fluent in English to work for TestingTime, and you will need Skype and a working microphone. Payments are made every days via PayPal following a test.

Checkout our TestingTime review for all the info. Being a virtual assistant is probably one of the higher paying micro task jobs possible, and you can also scale your income higher than a lot of these websites if you find the right businesses to work for. You must have an audio headset to work for Fancy Hands. Payments are also made biweekly through Dwolla.

If you want to take part in online or in-person research studies that are high-paying , Respondent. Many surveys are just minutes long, but even so, Respondent is undoubtedly one of the higher paying micro jobs around. Getting started with Respondent is easy. Simply make a profile, fill in some basic demographic information, and get matched to research studies.

If you live in a major city, you should find there is plenty of opportunity. Note, based on what researchers are studying, you may not qualify for every survey. This fact makes Respondent a nice micro job website to find occasional, high paying work. However, I would not rely on this site for steady work. Read our Kashkick review for all the details! Ultimately, I think the hourly earning potential and career advancements are the two greatest downsides.

At the end of the day, you can always turn to the power of the internet if you are in need of some quick cash. If you are genuinely looking to make some significant money online, you can consider a variety of location independent jobs that pay higher hourly wages or other side hustles within the gig economy.

Tom is a full-time blogger and freelance writer with a passion for side hustling, passive income, and the gig economy. This Online World is all about providing people with honest ways to make and save more money by using technology. To learn more about Tom, read his About Page! This is a nice list but I think it could have benefited from some personal experience — have you used any?

Any you would steer clear of? Got rejections from a bad requester I did a huge batch of hits from in the first few weeks. Never had one since. You can also checkout these extra money ideas: Mistplay — The best way to earn free gift cards for playing your favorite mobile games!

Capital One Shopping — Automatically apply coupon codes online and earn free gift cards! How Do Microtask Sites Work? The Best Microtask Websites Before we jump into the best microtask websites, I want to make one thing clear. Clickworker When it comes to finding micro jobs, Clickworker is one of the most popular platforms around. Premise Data If you want to try a micro task app to make extra money on the side, Premise Data is for you.

With the Premise Data app , you can get paid for completing tasks like: Answering paid surveys Sharing your opinion Taking photos of things in your city Completing short tasks Premise Data uses crowdsourced data to help its clients get the data it needs to make informed decisions. Survey Junkie A long time player in the paid survey game, Survey Junkie is another option to make money with surveys. Microworkers Microworkers is a micro task website that currently has more than 1.

Payments are made via PayPal or Payoneer. Lionbridge Lionbridge is a competitor of Appen and offers the same sort of micro task marketplace for people to make extra money. Figure Eight Figure Eight is yet another popular way to make money by completing micro tasks. Micro Tasks.

Work you can start right away. How it Works. Meet Our New Mobile App. Our new app makes it easier to complete data collection tasks and get paid to power AI. Learn More. Find More Jobs You Love. Corporate Jobs. Positions affiliated with our global offices focused on Engineering, Marketing, Sales or Finance. Language Jobs. Flexible work in Transcription, Translation and Linguistics. Find a Job You Love. Our Culture.

Crowd Code of Ethics. Fair pay. Crowd Voice. Our Crowd has a valued voice at Appen and their feedback helps us to continuously improve. Privacy and confidentiality. We believe in helpful, transparent, and responsive lines of communication with our Crowd.

Appen promotes wellness, community, and connections through online forums and best practices. Named the 7th largest language service provider in the world in The Nimdzi Ranking. Recognized as 6 in Leadership and 7 in Technology Fast Female.

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