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Kanye has come under fire lately by many fellow artists and fans for his controversial tweets. According to VoxKanye has been sending love to dating toxic President. He could also very well stirring up the pot as a promotional tactic for datimg upcoming new album. Whatever it is, Kanye is in the news and is going to stay there How did Yeezy get to where he is now?

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Kanye West is on another one of his Instagram tirades. On Wednedsay, Ye somehow found a way to bring up his allegations that the Kardashians were keeping his daughter Chicago West hidden from him on her birthday. Enough already. You know exactly where your children are at all times and YOU wanted separate kahye. I have seen all of the texts to prove it.

Here's Who Kanye West Is Going To Date After His Divorce From Kim Kardashian


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When Kim Kardashian and Click the following article West wed init seemed like maybe this match was made in heaven. But seven years and four kids later, Kardashian filed for divorce against West in Februaryciting irreconcilable differences via The Guardian. Two months later, West responded to the click here petition, also citing irreconcilable differences and asking for joint custody of their children North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm via Us Weekly. So with the West-Kardashian union receding further and further into the rearview mirror, the big question is: Who will they date next? A source has told Page Six that West is hoping to next date "an artist and a creative person" because it's important to the rapper and fashion designer that the pair "can speak the same language to each other. As for Kardashian, her mind isn't on dating at the moment.

Outside of a few tabloid speculations, there was never anything official about the two of them being a couple. After all, she still got to star in the music video!

This pin-up star has been the center of attention for a long time. Her star power has proved to be timeless, as many people still know her name. She is, however, old enough to have released a memoir. Lepore has become famous in part for her extreme plastic surgery. In her book she claims to have had an affair with a rapper, people have speculated she's referring to Kanye West. After Kanye had picked his heart up off the floor after things with Alexis Phifer broke off, he found himself entangled in a torrid romance with Amber Rose.

They were both [lying]. They were both [being unfaithful to] me and Reggie with each other… She was sending pictures, and I was like, 'Kim, just stop. On one hand, we have a hard time believing that Kim Kardashian would be that type of person.

And we all know that Kim and Kanye are happy together! Kanye, a handsome man in his own right, seems to have a bit of a thing for models. Many of his past relationships have consisted of women with modeling careers. Kanye is truly attracted to the successful, which is probably why he and Kim are so well-matched. PopSugar tells us that they ended up having a special meeting in , but the relationship never went farther than that.

This Pussycat Doll has a long history in the world of superstardom, which is potentially why Kanye was so attracted to her. Her vocal talent is incredible, and we all remember just how prolific the Pussycat Dolls were. Not only was Melody Thornton the youngest, as Ranker reports, but she was also one of the ones to go out on her own post-Pussycat.

Daily News also reported at the time that Kanye and Melody Thornton had been together for a solid two weeks, just months after Kanye and Amber Rose broke up. That was the end of the gossip train, though, and it looks like Melody Thornton was not afraid to move on. Chanel Iman was rumored to have been linked to Kanye for maybe a year, maybe just off and on depending on w you use. It took her a long time to finally open up about her supposedly being in the Kanye club, but it never seemed to be clear.

Celebrities have it rough because everything they do is under constant scrutiny. No matter how badly Chanel Iman might have wanted to stay quiet about her relationship or lack thereof with Kanye, it seemed like there was no avoiding the fact that she had to speak out about it. The Boom Box reported that in one interview, Iman said "rumors are rumors Everyone's going to have something to say.

We've been really tight since I first started modeling, actually…". He's a good guy. He works really hard at what he does, and when you're around him, you want to be at your best too.

This is one of those rumors that was absolutely confirmed. In , everybody went wild over the fact that Kanye had been seen with some mystery lady on a balcony. Various news sites dug deep to try and find who the lucky lady was, but few of them could actually uncover her identity.

Bossip reported back when the news was fresh that this latest lover is a lady known as Virginie Maury. Kanye attended Cannes in , and while in France, he probably decided that he wanted a really authentic French experience. Cue French actress and model, Virginie Maury. Nothing has been reported lately, either, leading us to believe that this relationship was a one-night-only special event and not a love-of-your-life drop-everything-and-commit creation.

Everyone has their sneaky nights, but few of us are under as much scrutiny as Kanye. Unsure who Angela Martini is? Totally fair. This gorgeous lady mainly made waves when she won the title of Miss Universe Albania. Daily News gave reports from a few different places, close to the not-a-couple that all said how much Angela liked Kanye, but how he was reluctant to make things official.

That time period where things are unofficial, not necessarily exclusive and people end up tuning into different relationship wavelengths. All that being said, we never really heard much from Angela Martini after these rumors surfaced, in While she liked the attention and the media support, she seems to have followed her own path in the world of you guessed it!

Her Instagram page features news spreads, photos, and fantastic videos. Check her out for some neat Albanian style. After the emotional back and forth Kanye decided to take his Instagram in a lighter direction, asking his Police find four "ghost guns" during Coon Rapids homecoming game, 4 charged.

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