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She quickly went home and packed a bag while apologise, teen vogue masthead think driver waited. Born Shimon Hayut in Bnei Brak, a city just east of Tel Aviv, Simon Leviev did change his name, but in fact had no relation to the Israeli diamond tycoon family whatsoever. Inhe served 2 years in Finnish prison after swindling three women, and upon his release, he went back to Israel. His schemeaccording to the Netflix doc, was as follows: he would meet women on Tinder, them to believe he was a wealthy heir working in the dangerous diamond business, and begin long-distance relationships. According to the film, his girlfriends sent credit read article, took out loans and lines of credit, and even flew suitcases of withdrawn cash to him in his time of need. Of course they believed him, he was the prince of diamonds, flew private everywhere, stayed at the fanciest hotels, and was always dripping in brazil lesbian larnaqueur de tinder simon leviev. And he did pay them back: with checks that bounced, fake watches, and bank transfers that never went through.

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L’arnaqueur de Tinder Simon Leviev est-il perpetuellement Avec Tinder ? ) | Fiorano Blog


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Https:// is Simon Leviev really? Was he ever charged for his alleged crimes? And where is he now? We break it all down. Simmon its first week alone, it amassed If you have yet to tune in, the film aims to expose Israeli conman Simon Leviev and introduces audiences to a number of his alleged victims.

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Analytics Analytics. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. They all claim they met Simon on dating app Tinder and that he defrauded them out of millions. As various women claim, he was known to surround himself with a bodyguard, business partner, and secretary — all to bolster his stories. Even so, Simon Leviev is adamant that he never pretended to be a member of the Leviev family.

Who was he before said change? Long before the documentary premiered on Netflix, Leviev was charged with theft, forgery, and fraud in his native Israel in According to reports, when Leviev was in his twenties, he stole check books from two families, then cashed those stolen checks. In one instance, he reportedly babysat for the family he would defraud, while in another he posed as a handyman. Rather than sticking around for a trial, Leviev evaded authorities and fled Israel.

He settled in Finland, but his legal luck would soon run out. In , a Finnish court charged him with defrauding three women and he was sentenced to two years in jail. Once his time behind bars was done, Leviev was sent back to Israel in , but authorities confirm he fled once again. This time, he roamed Europe and assumed his headline-making identity. He would then leave and begin sending them daily texts and personalized video messages.

Soon, he would convince his dates he was in danger and ask them to send money or credit cards so he could pay for things without revealing his location. As his earnings grew, Leviev reportedly used the money he stole from one date to splurge on another and build trust with his next victim.

The two women recounted the great lengths Simon went to to earn their trust and make his stories believable. Thanks to her insight, he was arrested in Athens for using a fake passport and was extradited to Israel.

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