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Wedding Directory. Diaries of a Working Woman. Myntra Masterclass. To India With Love. Ah, the winds of change, Cancer! The winds of change that promise to forever transform the dynamics of this relationship. It all just falls into place effortlessly.

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Payment succeeded, see the result in your Stripe dashboard. Refresh the page to pay horosocpe. March will start with Venus, the well-known planet of love, leaving. However, even when leaving Venus will manage to give you many love chances. Together with a new solar year, it will make your love life stronger and brighter updating your relationship desires. The Full Moon will stay high up in the sky from March 6th, just 24 hours after Venus leaves preserving the romantic spirit.

March Love Horoscope |


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A breakthrough month between winter and spring, when we await a positive change and when we can finally say good bye to the cold days. Such is the month of March. For many challenging, but for many, on the contrary, a harbinger of better tomorrows. You will be better if you spend your free time san hookups the company of people you love. March is not a good time for meditation and thoughts. During this time, you may tend to make impulsive decisions - with your heart.

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Romantic fantasies, many opportunities to become kinder and more compassionate to those you love, unconditional love, a chance to reach perfect harmony… How will the relationship between you and your soulmate change this month? Click on your sign to learn all the details!

Share on Facebook. Check all romantic twists and turns of March! Gemini For the first time since October , Gemini will enter a month with no planetary activity in the relationship sector. Cancer The year started with six planets in your relationship sector. Leo Leo people will be more energetic and sensual in March than ever. Virgo You and your spouse or partner will be extremely compatible in March which will make you both much happier. Scorpio Mars and Venus will make your love life more gorgeous than ever, dear Scorpio.

Sagittarius For Sags, love life in March will be influenced by their occupation with other activities. Capricorn Thanks to the positive influence of Mars and Venus the married life of Capricorn natives will be filled with passion and romance. Aquarius In March, Mars and Venus will influence your and other signs in the love sphere.

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Top Articles. Check our fresh and fun videos! You aren't alone in the universe! Follow us on:. Observe why you are perpetuating a certain cycle. They may be good, but are they good for you? Only you get to decide what you are worthy of, beautiful.

Power crystal: Mahogany obsidian to clear the outmoded patterns. Love is not the same as longing, Taurus. Love is not the same as longing.

Expressing your doubts about the future of this relationship and asking for clarity where it is needed will help you break out of that limbo state. Committed Venusians, on the other hand, will find that March is a beautiful time. A time of bliss and abundance. A time of bringing new life into this world. Power crystal: Moonstone to invoke the Goddesses of Fertility. This is the real deal.

The partnership you have been calling into your Universe for a long time now. The kind of partnership that will not just support your growth but also evolve with you.

Showing those you love how you want to be loved is a part of the metamorphosis, Gemini. As for couples who are separated by borders? The cards are reminding you that there is no substitute for physical proximity.

Make time to be by each other's side. Power crystal: Peach moonstone to stay connected to your heart and feel all those feels. Ah, the winds of change! Something tells us there is never going to be a dull day around here! Committed Cancerians, on the other hand, could be feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction.

When actions fail us, we must turn to words. Power crystal: Amethyst for hope and healing and to access your spiritual wisdom. Melt and merge, beautiful. Melt and merge. Surrender to the magic of this connection and you will experience what can only be described as a divine union. Are you seeking more from this connection that you are allowing yourself to believe? Unless you dream of a better reality, you will not be able to manifest it for yourself.

Power crystal: Yellow calcite to help you clear the outmoded patterns and help you through this transition. Who and what are you allowing into your Universe, Virgo? We repeat: Who and what are you allowing? You get to decide what your reality looks like. You get to decide what you are worthy of and what are your boundaries. If that means cutting certain cords or putting an end to the drama, so be it, beautiful.

So, be it. Spending time in solitude will help you reset on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. You deserve closure just like everybody else. Since you will feel a need to stand for your opinions and ideas very firmly. However, you might have problems in communication due to this attitude.

Moreover, you will not be afraid to talk about things as they are and people will like to come to you for advice. In this span, you will have no problems with non-verbal communication. You can use your facial expressions or the position of your body so that you can communicate more easily and quickly.

Your mind will be more sensitive and able to process a great amount of information. Though, it will tire you and you might look confused, slower or ponderous more than usually.

In this period, your thinking will be decisive and objective, which will be a great advantage for solving any kind of problems. It will be easy for you to come up with original ideas, rather spontaneously. However, you might have some problems with concentration. Referring to communication, you will be very self-confident, energetic and convincing. During this period, you will enjoy educating yourself, for example, by reading. You will just generally long for new information which you can utilize later on.

Your arguments will get very strong so you will be able to get out of anything. When stressed, you will use sarcasm and tartness as a defense mechanism. During this period, your energy should go to your closest friends and family - the home you all create. Your protectionist tendencies will be very strong these days. If you keep emotions bottled up, it can lead to bitterness and irrational anger. Android application.

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