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Home » Tinder. And if you say the wrong thing, chances starterd, no one will reply. So how to start article source conversation on Tinder successfully? In this article, you'll get a list of Tinder conversation starters that work and also that don't work, so you can start the conversation on Tinder in the best way possible. Should a Man or Woman Start the Conversation?

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Breathe To Inspire. Not everyone on Tinder is just looking for a one-night stand or for friends with benefits, as there are some who are seeking serious relationships on the service. With that being said, for those of you who want to know what to say on Tinder or initiate some good tinder conversation starters, this complete guide can help you. It can be tricky to create conversations on Tinder that lead somewhere and result in a date. Some people find it easier to talk through text messages than face-to-face; but others take more time to get comfortable with someone before they open up. Here I will provide tips and topics for starting engaging conversations when online dating and best conversation starters for tinder.

Conversation Starters: How to Start a Conversation on Tinder?


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You need to stand out. A really easy and best way to get other person's attention is to find something you have in common. I love Greece! So many memories of sunsets by the sea. I grew up sailing…I love the ocean! So tell me, are you a real sailor? Or do you usually fall off the boat at the first sign of a wave? The challenging part may work better on men, than women. GIFs can be a bit hit or miss because you sort of need to figure out what they think is funny.

But as they can be funny, it breaks the ice. Too much, too soon. Now, there might not be something obvious you have in common by looking at their profile. In that case, just find something else to comment on. That place looks epic! Whereabouts is it? So tell me, are you the kind of person that shares your ice cream? Tell me more! Anything they mentioned that you want to find out about, you can just say:.

Inside Scoop: How to ask a Girl out on Tinder. Start the Tinder convo with a question. Basically, you could ask about anything from their favorite Netflix show to binge watch to their dream travel destination, but keep it interesting, or relatable.

You know how Tinder shows you those messages when you match with someone? You can always spin off one of those with some jokes related to it.

Sending a funny opener is a great Tinder Ice-breaker if done nicely. Something about them not being able to do the talking for me. What a lazy app! Apologies for my appalling manners.

You show you care. You show you have manners. Being a gentleman definitively earns you points! Secondly , use their name, where possible. It will make both of you laugh and then give them an opportunity to reply.

Yoo, do you know about the new Club that opened up downtown? This one is more of a call-to-action type message where you are offering them your number as a way of inviting them on a date. The catch here is that they should not be able to tell if you are actually giving them your number or trying to find out if they are interested in going on a date with you.

So, make sure you present it as something casual and fun that is not serious at all. What do you think of that new show on Netflix?

This question will show you how adventurous they are. Concerts can bring people together like nothing else — which is why they make such good date ideas — so this question is bound to give you some great answers that are perfect for follow-up questions.

This question is especially good at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas, but can work any time of year when people are likely thinking about holidays and traditions. Most people love their pets or love talking about their pets. So it allows someone to talk about a subject they are passionate about and knowledgeable about.

It also gives them an opportunity to show off photos of their cute cats and dogs! There are so many different things that you can ask about and talk about once you ask this question and hopefully, it will lead to a great conversation. My parents keep telling me how much money they spent on my education. And now all I want is to meet a girl like you and forget about it. Would you rather have a bird as a pet or a horse? You may not be the best looking girl here, but beauty is only a light switch away.

Please stand up and turn on the light for me. If we were at a bar and I told you that my dog can talk would you believe me? This question encourages positivity and gratitude, which is always a good combo for an interesting chat. It might also give your date an idea of how well things are going between you both.

The best part of this question is that it allows you to choose whatever makes for a good story for you. Traveling creates so many wonderful memories, and asking this lets you learn what your date values most in life. This is another question that gives your date the freedom to share whatever they want, but also gives you clues into how they think about past events and the people in their lives.

This question can be thought-provoking and funny at the same time! People love talking about themselves and their passions, so this is a great way to get a conversation started. This question prompts people to daydream together, which is a fun way to bond and get closer. This is a great flirty conversation starter for tinder. So if you tell them that you would like to see them again, they will certainly comply with your request. But it should be done in a subtle manner, otherwise, it would sound too cheap.

So this one works very well. They will definitely reply if you text them this. This works great, because it is an open-ended question that can be answered with anything from a picture to a story, showing off her beautiful smile, or her awesome personality. I need someone to share it with immediately! You in? Do you guys ever hang?

If I could arrange for us to be stranded alone together on a tropical island, with no hope of rescue, would you take me up on that offer? And then what would we do all day? If you ask this question, there is a high chance that they will respond to it, because everyone loves to talk about their hobbies and favorite things.

This way, the conversation will still continue. Instead, maybe suggest meeting some other time. This is another great question for starting a conversation with someone on Tinder. You can ask them about their hobbies and interests as well — like what do they like to. This question lets the man know that he needs to impress the woman before he asks for anything else from her.

It also shows that he has some interest in her career, which shows that he respects her and has some respect for himself too. This question may sound similar to the question above, but it actually elicits different information from people because it requires them to think about. This is a great way to get people talking about themselves but be prepared for them to really open up and share their feelings with you.

Remember how we used to dream big as kids? Well, this question will take you back in time and remind us how innocent we all were before we got caught up in the hustle of adulthood. Bonus points if they still remember their answer from when they were younger! Their answer will tell you what makes them light up and will help you determine whether their passions align with yours. This question is guaranteed to get a great response from your tinder date.

Talking about childhood memories often reveals the type of person someone is deep down inside, so this question can be revealing in more ways than one. Everyone has a story about something weird that happened to them while they were on the job, so this one will have your date laughing before they know it — and probably sharing some. This can lead to lots of funny and funny-sounding answers and a lot of laughs! Here are tips on how to use Tinder like a pro:.

This works great because everyone wants to feel like they are interesting, so if you tell them that they are interesting then they will most likely text back asking to find out more about them! I was wondering if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but then I realized that this is tinder and everyone here is single or at least they should be.

I hope this message does not bother you, but your photo is really interesting and i just had to send you a message to know more about you. You have a nice profile photo and your bio sounds very nice too! I just had to say hi before we forget each other in the crowd of tinder users.

This is a great way to get them talking about their passions and what they do for fun. Asking what they do for fun can be a little bit boring, so if you have something in common, this is your chance to engage them on it and hopefully get some more details out of them while they talk about it.

If not now, then maybe later. This question is guaranteed to get you some interesting answers. Whatever their answer, this will help you learn more about them than any other questions could. Here are some tinder conversation starters to use on boyfriends or girls to make the connection deeper:. Where did you grow up, and what was your childhood like?

With no mutual friends, you have to go into the conversation blind. What are you supposed to do? Tell me something about you!

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