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It's been five learn more here since Tinder was released and in all tinderr time nobody as far as I'm aware has used it to make money--until now. Maggie Archer has been bragging on Twitter about how she's scammed guys into giving her cash through Tinder. But alas, there are some guys with fivers to spare. Archer told Buzzfeed News that 1 in every 5 matches transfers her the money via Paypal. Archer's makee moneymaking scheme has earned her some fans, and Tinder a few new downloads.

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Tinder is a popular online dating app and website. It reinvented the business of by coming up with the idea of swiping right or left to indicate interest. Tinder primarily makes money off premium subscriptions. It also makes money through in-app purchases, Google Play downloads, and by selling banner advertising. The company also charges developers to create new apps that work with the Tinder API. The company was founded by Sean Raad in at a hackathon held at Hatch Labs, a startup incubator, in West Hollywood. Tinder was originally called MatchBox, but the founders decided the name was too similar to Match.

This Girl Is Using Tinder To Make Money - Dating News


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We've been debating it over at the AskMen office and have some differing opinions. Me, I don't like it. I think she's a scammer plain and simple--and whether guys are gullible isn't the point.

It's kinda like when a girl gets guys to buy their drinks all night. Yes, it saves her some cash, but it's still fraud. Besides, some people actually use Tinder for dating, and this spoils it for everyone if you can't trust the stranger on the other end. Another opinion heard in the office is that the scheme is good because it will teach guys a valuable lesson so they don't give away their cash so easily next time.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Although Tinder introduced many of the features that are now standard across similar dating apps and sites, the apps themselves are not significantly different in the features they offer. Tinder rival Bumble, which was founded by former Tinder VP Marketing Whitney Wolfe Herd, has attempted to differentiate itself with women by allowing them to message first in a potential match.

Tinder is owned by Match Group Inc. Match Group is a powerful player in the online dating market. The company owns and operates over 45 global dating companies. Its flagship app, Tinder operates in over countries and 40 languages. The company faces intense competition from Bumble, Hinge, and Badoo.

Tinder rival Bumble recently acquired its first subsidiary Fruitz, which has been described as a dating app for Gen Z. That could put it in a better position to compete against Tinder in the future.

But the company also has significant expenses. These include personnel and employee-related expenses, credit card processing fees, advertising, administrative, and product development expenses.

A global app like Tinder needs significant human resources to run smoothly. Dating app companies also must invest a significant amount of money in advertising to compete in the crowded online dating marketplace. Tinder makes money in different ways. Tinder makes most of its funds from subscriptions. While the platform is free to use, getting a subscription makes using the platform easier and gives you increased access to potential matches.

The free versions of the app only allow users to match and chat. Tinder varies its pricing based on the page of the user. Many features extended by the Plus plan incentivize upgrading if a user wants to rewind a swipe or change locations.

For example, a user might purchase a subscription if they accidentally swipe the wrong way on a promising match or if they want to meet people while traveling for work. The additional features that Tinder Gold users can access encourage them to upgrade their subscriptions. For example, the ability to receive new top picks daily could be a selling feature for users eager to meet potential romantic matches quickly.

Tinder rolled out its new top-level subscription plan, Tinder Platinum, in Along with all the features of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold, subscribers receive the following benefits:. Users are incentivized to upgrade to Tinder Platinum with bonus features that subscribers in lower tiers do not receive.

Messaging before matching and having their likes prioritized over those of other users could give them an edge in meeting potential matches. Tinder is the most popular dating app, and users may want to gain an edge in the dating competition. Tinder sells some of its features separately. Users can purchase Super Likes individually to indicate to a match that the user has extra interest in them.

Users can purchase Boosts individually from their profile pages or their feeds. Read Receipts let users know whether a match has read their message yet.

Users can opt out of allowing others to see their read receipts. The Tinder brand is a subsidiary of Match Group, Inc. However, parent company Match Group saw a It is unclear if Tinder is profitable.

The company does not provide the net income of each of its subsidiaries. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit that it has changed the way we date and find partners. The future looks bright for Tinder as they continue to expand into new markets around the world while staying true to their core values: simplicity, fun, and ease of use. Skip to content. Business Model of Tinder. How Does Tinder Make Money? Tinder Subscriptions. Super Likes. Profile Boost. Read Receipts.

Is Tinder Profitable? Conclusion Sources.

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