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This is Thesecret I am an admin of this site. Edit as as you wish, but one little thing If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! Vanessa Fisk is a recurring antagonist in the Daredevil series, serving as the wife of Wilson Fisk. Though Vanessa loved Kingpin deeply, but sometimes disagreed with his ways of crime.

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We advise caution when dealing with any recently-released media involving multiversal subjects. Please do not make assumptions regarding confusing wording, other sites' speculation, and people's headcanon around the internet. Remember, only this site's policies click the following article apply vanessa fisk this site. She remained loyal to Fisk even after learning of his criminal empire and vowed to stay with him in the wake of her being poisoned by Madame Gao and Leland Owlsleyin their attempt to refocus Fisk's attention away from Marianna. After two years on the run, Fisk managed to manipulate the FBI to drop all of their charges on himself and Marianna, allowing her to come home. Marianna married Fisk, but her wedding was crashed by both Daredevil and Benjamin Poindexteras Marianna was separated from her husband.

Daredevil: Born Again Recasts Kingpin's Wife


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Last month was a good time for fans of Netflix's Daredevil. Then on the small screen, Vincent D'Onofrio returned as one Wilson Fisk during the events of Hawkeyewith Kingpin serving as the show's big bad. In a dating man with bpd interview with Rotten Tomatoesthe Hawkeye star said he'd welcome Ayelet Zurer, the actor that played Vanessa Fisk, back with open arms. In the same interview, D'Onofrio said that while he vanessa fisk this version of the character is the vannessa exact version of the iconic villain he portrayed on the Netflix series. But I also think that he's the same guy that was in Daredevil and that his emotional life is the same. Because the way that I executed the character is the same way I executed it in Daredevilwhich is that everything is based on his childhood.

As filming gets underway for Daredevil: Born Againvanessa fisk of the original series that debuted on Netflix are eager for any information about what to expect. While Matt Murdock's friends are still an open question, that producers recast Vanessa Fisk means the character may be very different from that show and more in line with the comics' portrayal. It's unclear vanesa far if the dating jumble will be a clean slate reboot, taking the characters back to their beginnings. Born Again would be even contradictory since Charlie Cox plays the hero in both. It's a shame because Zurer's Vanessa was an interesting take on the character. In one respect, Daredevil 's Vanessa has a much easier life than her comics counterpart, who met the Kingpin as a victim of his human-trafficking operation. The check this out brought them together and split them apart twice.

Finally, Marianna confessed to Fisk that while she had been in hiding from the FBI she had always been surrounded by all his bodyguards who had been tasked with protecting her, such as Francis , and while they had been extremely polite to her and her days in hiding had still always been nice, she never felt more than that.

Marianna told Fisk about the time she found herself in Bilbao where she was surrounded by hundreds of other people, yet had felt a desperate feeling of being lonely.

As Fisk admitted to feeling the same, Marianna explained that she felt they were not fully together, even when they were reunited. Marianna sadly allowing Wilson Fisk to leave. Upon hearing all this, Fisk asked Marianna what he could do to make things improve, promising that he was willing to do anything for their relationship to be better.

However, before Marianna and Fisk could discuss their possible future together, they were then interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Felix Manning , who requested a word with Fisk in private, apologizing for interrupting but insisting the issue he had come to discuss could not wait. Marianna's feelings for isolation were intensified when Fisk told Manning that they would not discuss this matter in front of Marianna, as Fisk apologized and left. Marianna first meets Benjamin Poindexter.

Just as Marianna had been heading downstairs from her bedroom in the Presidential Hotel , she was surprised to find that some workmen were hanging the Rabbit in a Snowstorm painting. As Marianna had looked at it, she was greeted by Benjamin Poindexter who explained that the painting had come from Wilson Fisk as a gift to her. While Marianna noted that she had been wondering what had happened to the painting, Poindexter had introduced himself, promising to do whatever she required.

Marianna personally thanks Ben Poindexter. As Poindexter claimed to be their new James Wesley , Marianna then thanked him and sat down, while Poindexter commented that he had always believed that Fisk had a great taste in art, to which Marianna commented that Fisk liked to put beautiful things on display, thinking of his treatment of her.

Marianna asked Poindexter where he found the painting, to which he explained how Esther Falb refused to sell it, but Poindexter had been able to convince her to sell. As he said this, Marianna noticed blood onto the frame, then realizing that Poindexter murdered Falb to get it, although Marianna was unfazed by this. Marianna and Fisk observing the painting. Eventually, Wilson Fisk returned into the Presidential Hotel and found Marianna waiting for him, although Fisk was first taken aback by seeing Rabbit in a Snowstorm hanging on their wall, as Marianna explained that this was a gift from Benjamin Poindexter.

While Fisk noted that he intended for the painting to stay with Esther Falb , Marianna had then noted how Poindexter had wanted them to think of him as their new James Wesley , although Fisk insisted that this was not the case, although Poindexter was useful. Marianna telling Wilson Fisk to include her.

Marianna then questioned if Poindexter was dangerous, only for Fisk to insist that it was nothing for Marianna to be concerned about. This comment had frustrated Marianna as she questioned Fisk over how exactly he intended to handle Poindexter, telling him to speak plainly to her for once.

Marianna told Fisk how she had been fascinated by him when they first met at the Scene Contempo Gallery as she fell in love with Fisk's strength and brutality, although she insisted that if he continued to keep these aspects of his life hidden from her, then she would be left as lonely as she had been in Spain once again. Marianna gives Wilson Fisk a final ultimatum. Marianna had explained that when Fisk had refused to speak to Felix Manning in front of her, she had been reminded that she was not fully a part of his life.

Marianna had told Fisk that she no longer wanted to simply admire Fisk's world, but instead wanted to be included into it. However, Fisk warned Marianna that if she were to be included in his world, her hands would be dirtied by it all, only for Marianna to insist that her hands had never been clean as she once again told Fisk that if he wanted her, he must share his life with her. Considering this, Fisk then took Marianna's hand and had asked her to come with him.

Marianna suggests to murder Ray Nadeem. Marianna was taken downstairs, to Fisk's secret control room where Manning and Shelby were waiting for him, surprised to see Marianna joining Fisk. Marianna was then given a seat while Manning updated them both about the situation with Ray Nadeem , whose testimony to the Grand Jury had been sealed and inadmissible. Although Fisk had suggested they force Nadeem to stand trial, Marianna instead noted that as he was still a risk to them and they knew where he was, they should send Poindexter to assassinate Nadeem, which would ensure he could not expose their operation, which Fisk had agreed to.

Marianna shows off her dress to Wilson Fisk. Following their reunion and promise to open their lives to each other, Marianna ad Wilson Fisk decided to be married, also believing that a public wedding would redeem Fisk's image to all the people of New York City as well as the press who had been condemning his name for so long. As they were getting ready, Marianna came to visit Fisk while he was getting ready, showing off her wedding dress which took Fisk's breath away.

Fisk questioned if he really looked as nervous as he felt, to which Marianna had said that he did but that it was charming regardless. Marianna and Wilson Fisk discuss their love. Fisk then took Marianna's hand and invited her to sit with him, as he explained that he had never believed that he could actually feel the way he felt towards Marianna, noting that before they had first met at the Scene Contempo Gallery , he had believed there would never be somebody he would care for above his own life.

Marianna listened closely as Fisk confessed that these thoughts had left him terrified that this proved he was nothing more than a vain man who only loved the way he saw himself in Marianna's eyes, as Fisk questioned if he did not deserve Marianna's love and was merely a broken man.

Marianna helping Wilson Fisk get dressed. Upon hearing this, Marianna comforted Fisk by reassuring him that everybody in the world was broken, and claiming that the point of life was simply to find the person out there whose broken pieces fit with their own, while making it clear that she believed her and Fisk were a perfect match, which seemed to comfort Fisk.

Seeing that Fisk had struggled to decide on which tie he should wear for their ceremony, Marianna instead picked out a rose, softly smelling it before handing it to Fisk to wear. Once Fisk put the rose on his all white suit, he and Marianna then turned around and examined him in their mirror. Marianna kisses Wilson Fisk at the wedding.

Marianna and Wilson Fisk 's wedding ceremony then went ahead, as they stood opposite each other on the roof of the Presidential Hotel. Among the guests who were in attendance were several high-profile criminals, which included John Hammer and Latimer Zyl , who were invited by Fisk. During the wedding ceremony, Marianna watched while Fisk had become momentarily distracted while looking into her eyes, as Marianna had to snap him back to reality so that the ceremony could continue.

Marianna being greeted by Rosalie Carbone. Having said "I do," Marianna and Fisk then finally wed one another, getting a round of applause from those in attendance. Heading onto the dance floor, Fisk and Marianna shared a private kiss before they stepped out to greet their guests, as Rosalie Carbone of the Carbone Crime Family first congratulated Marianna on her beautiful gown and ceremony before also speaking with Fisk.

Once Fisk had finished his talk with Carbone about their arrangements regarding the payments Carbone was making to him, he had then rejoined Marianna onto the dance floor for their first dance together as a new married couple. Marianna and Wilson Fisk dancing together. Once Marianna and Fisk had stepped onto the dance floor for their dance, almost every single guest took out their phones to record the dance.

While Marianna happily danced with the man she loved in her arms, they soon noticed that something seemed to be wrong, since everybody in the room had become distracted by watching a video that had been sent to all of the phones at the same time. While they tried to ignore this, Fisk eventually grabbed a phone and realized the video was of Ray Nadeem , confessing his crimes and the crimes of the FBI moments before his death , exposing Fisk to the world.

Marianna and Fisk see Benjamin Poindexter. As confusion mounted, Tammy Hattley informed them that something was wrong and several agents were down. At that moment, Marianna and Fisk looked with horror as Benjamin Poindexter , dressed back in the Daredevil Suit , got on the stage and gave his toast to the couple, having just learned that Fisk had Julie Barnes killed. Poindexter then threw the microphone directly at Marianna's skull, only for it to be blocked by the arrival of Daredevil.

Marianna and Fisk were both then dragged away to safety, as Daredevil and Poindexter furiously fought each other, both intended to attack Fisk for their own reasons. Marianna and Wilson Fisk plan their escape. Once they had made it back into their Penthouse , Marianna listened as Wilson Fisk had expressed his fury at Benjamin Poindexter being able to attack them and ruin their wedding, as Marianna commented on the threat that Ray Nadeem had posed to them which was exactly why she ordered his assassination.

As Fisk had vowed to discredit Nadeem and then get revenge on Poindexter, Marianna told him to hold back his anger so that they could escape, knowing Poindexter still posed a threat.

Marianna and Wilson Fisk facing Daredevil. However, just as Marianna and Fisk had made it upstairs, intending to use the secret doorway to escape before the New York City Police Department could arrest them, they had then found that their path was being blocked by Daredevil , who had told Fisk that his criminal career was over. Marianna was then told to run for safety by Fisk as the two bitter enemies then began their furious fight.

Marianna then witnessed Fisk and Daredevil hitting one another and throwing each other through the Penthouse walls, furiously attempting to beat each other to the death as they found themselves to be equally matched. Marianna stopped by Benjamin Poindexter. While Fisk and Daredevil continued their fight, Marianna had made it to their Penthouse's door and tried to make her escape, only to find Poindexter had killed the FBI agents guarding them and had made it inside.

Once Poindexter observed the situation, he saw that Fisk was too far away to stop him as he then turned all his attention to killing Marianna, intending for Fisk to feel his pain when Julie Barnes had been murdered. However, Daredevil charged to Marianna aid, kicking Poindexter aside and then pushing Marianna out of harm's way while Daredevil and Fisk both had begun fighting against Poindexter.

Marianna is escorted away by Wilson Fisk. Marianna then kept herself out of harm's way as best she could while witnessing Fisk, Daredevil, and Poindexter all furiously fighting one another, causing considerable damage across their Penthouse suite.

As Poindexter armed himself with broken glass and began throwing them, Daredevil blocked the glass, protecting both himself as well as Marianna.

Intending to protect his wife, Fisk then gave Marianna his jacket, which had protective armor inside, leaving Fisk exposed to Poindexter's next attacks, as Fisk ordered Marianna to get herself to safety while she still could while Fisk stayed to fight his enemies.

Marianna's life being saved by Daredevil. As Marianna was making it up the stairs, she saw Poindexter pick up several pieces of broken glass and throwing them at Fisk, resulting in them piercing his skin as he no longer had a protective jacket. When Poindexter was then knocked to the ground by Daredevil, he looked up and saw a chance to kill Marianna who had stopped on the stairs.

Poindexter then threw a metal bowl directly at Marianna's head, only for Daredevil to then leap forward and knock it out of the air. Having witnessed this attempt on his wife's life, Fisk furiously grabbed ahold of Poindexter and slammed him into a brick wall, crushing his spine.

Marianna screaming for Daredevil to stop. With Poindexter now out of their fight, Marianna then watched on as Fisk faced off against Daredevil. Despite his superior strength, Fisk found himself at a disadvantage in their fight due to all his injuries as well as Daredevil's fast reflexes, as Marianna was forced to watch as Daredevil hit Fisk onto his knees. As Marianna and Fisk looked each other in the eyes, Fisk then appeared to give up the fight and allowed Daredevil to hit him repeatedly, as Fisk's blood sprayed over Rabbit in a Snowstorm.

As Marianna watch on in horror, Daredevil continued beating Fisk into submission, as Marianna begged him to stop. Marianna stands by the beaten Wilson Fisk. Eventually, Daredevil stopping hitting Fisk and even stopped himself from breaking Fisk's neck and killing him.

Marianna then watched as Fisk promised to keep hurting Karen Page and Foggy Nelson unless Daredevil killed him, only for Daredevil to refuse and insist that Fisk would return to Ryker's Island or he would target Marianna herself. With that, Daredevil had removed his mask and revealed his identity as Matt Murdock , forcing Fisk to agree to all his demands in order to protect his new wife from harm. Marianna then stood by the utterly defeated Fisk and comforted him as Daredevil left the scene.

Marianna is taken into custody by the NYPD. While Marianna stood by her husband, Brett Mahoney and a team of officers from the New York City Police Department stormed into their Penthouse suite and took them all into custody, including Poindexter who was lying crippled on the floor. As the recaptured Marianna and Fisk were taken out of the Presidential Hotel by Mahoney's men, with other FBI agents and Tammy Hattley also being arrested, the married couple were put in separate cars, as Fisk furiously demanded to get the chance to say goodbye to Marianna, only for Mahoney to refuse his request as they were taken away and separated once again.

At first, Marianna was shown to be inquisitive, smart, wide-eyed and humorous. She showed the strength of character when she bought a gun to her next date with Wilson Fisk after finding a reason to distrust him, though she relented upon realizing his softer side and seeing the potential good his actions were capable of. Despite learning of his criminal past, witnessing his Bombing of Hell's Kitchen and then learning that he murdered his father as a child, she remained loyal to him.

She was comforted by the fact that the Russian Mafia had been destroyed during the bombing, despite the many innocents also caught in the crossfire. Not even her near-death experience could break her trust for Fisk and she was consent with the fact that Fisk was going after the ones that poisoned her to make them suffer. She was willing to board the helicopter to leave him behind, but only because he wanted and ordered her to.

Returning to America, Marianna is shown to have a cold and ruthless side equal if not more than Fisk's, willing to spill blood in order to obtain what she wants. While noticing the recently retrieved Rabbit in a Snowstorm had part of the canvas covered in blood, Benjamin Poindexter had murdered Esther Falb in order to retrieve it, she not only showed no signs of guilt or remorse for Falb's death but proceeded to ask Poindexter to frame it.

She also willingly participated in Fisk's criminal activities, in particular, she ordered the hit on Ray Nadeem , Fisk was initially only going to go as far as to let Nadeem take the blame for the Daredevil murders, but when Marianna insisted Fisk gave the order on her behalf.

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View history Talk 0. Your brutality so clear to me, even as you hid it from me. I wanted to observe everything you did. And as I did, I fell in love with you. That's a bit much. Kingpin agreed to go back to prison and keep Daredevil's true identity a secret, otherwise Daredevil would tell the authorities that Vanessa was the one who ordered the murder of FBI agent Rahul "Ray" Nadeem Jay Ali.

Vanessa did not appear in the live-action Daredevil film starring Ben Affleck. James and Michael Gaston, newcomers all. It's currently unclear if the roles will be recast, though Vanessa being recast certainly sets a precedent. In the series, she is given the maiden name Marianna and is shown to be a wealthy art dealer. She first encounters Fisk after he buys an expensive painting from her, and she ends up becoming his love interest throughout the duration of the series. Before he is arrested, Fisk proposes to Vanessa.

She decided to wait for Fisk when he escaped from the FBI. However, after Fisk is arrested, she decides to leave the country with the engagement ring on her finger, deciding to marry him after he gets out of prison. Just like her original counterpart, she is the beloved wife of Kingpin and the mother of their son Richard. However, in a moment of tragedy, when leaving Kingpin after witnessing him fighting Spider-Man, Vanessa tried to keep Richard from looking back.

By taking her eyes off the road, she did not see the truck coming, which resulted in their deaths. This act incited a mourning Kingpin to lay down his plan of opening a particle accelerator to reconnect with alternative versions of his wife and son.

He briefly succeeds, but the alternate Vanessa and Richard also leave Kingpin, which drives Kingpin into a murderous rage as he tries to kill Miles Morales with his bare hands. She was also unaware of her husband's criminal activities, as she was disgusted with her husband after seeing him attack Spider-Man. Marauders Duhg Kronan Marauder. Johnson Raina Alisha Whitley.

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