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Skip navigation! Summer is slowly but surely coming to venus retrograde virgo end, which means things are cooling off — and we're not just talking about the weather. On September 5 Venus, the Planet of Love, will enter into Virgo, giving us a more level-headed and pragmatic way view on our relationships. After a hot steamy season of love, we're in for a chiller, more cooled down vibe, and we'll be feeling this energy all the way until September Venus is in its fall in Virgo — meaning that it's the planet's least-favorite sign to learn more here in — so we'll have to work a little article source to make our relationships harmonious during this transit. If Venus in Virgo were a love languageit'd be extra thoughtful acts of service. During this transit, "we're not interested virgp big grand gestures or displays of affection," says astrologer Stephanie Campos.

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Our online classes and training programs allow you to learn from experts from anywhere in the world. The love planet makes a six-week pivot every 18 months, and this time it's during the holidays. From December 19 to January 29, Venus is retrograde in traditional Capricorn. Here's how every zodiac sign can cope—and keep relationships intact. Are you ready for a romantic revolution—or just a more reliable signal for when you need to tune in to the wisdom of your heart? That chance could come before the holidays as Venus article source retrograde before Christmas on December vneus, in earth sign Capricorn, until January 29, The planet of love and money back through venus retrograde virgo click at this page every 18 months.

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Here is a breakdown of Venus retrograde and what it means for you. Astrologically, this represents a period of reflection and delays. Certain aspects of your tetrograde will come to a standstill. This is exactly what you should do. The universe is asking you to slow down and do some major introspection. In mythology, she is considered the Goddess check this out Love. Astrologically, she is the ruler of all things pleasurable in life, such as love and relationships.

Those who have retrograde Venus in their natal chart are very different from the others who have direct Venus. In the sense that they have a deep sense of feelings and emotions. They are highly social. Love is very important them but they might have troubles in expressing the same. They usually have a sense of insecurity in their relationships.

It's not that you need to be goal-oriented about relationships, but you can start clarifying the future you want for yourself in What—and who—do you consider valuable, Aries? You may start to notice the disparities between the longings of the heart and the rationale of your mind. Some people can only meet the criteria on one plane, and that's fine! But people who can stir you at a soul level and anchor you in reality are the ones to keep around.

Rare as they may be, they do exist. Since retrogrades rule the past, it's possible you're already acquainted or have been circling around each other's orbits. Over the coming six weeks, your existing connections could deepen in unexpected ways. The 10th house also rules your career, and creative, value-minded Venus may illuminate the hidden treasures of your own capabilities.

In driven Capricorn, leadership and expertise are highlighted. Maybe it's time to enroll in a training program to sharpen your natural skills or start pouring your knowledge into a new training or workshop that you can offer online. Get ready for a huge internal shift, Taurus , as your red-hot-lover of a ruler Venus goes retrograde in your ninth house of truth and optimism. This raises the question: Have you been using positive thinking to try to sidestep a conflict?

You can't cheer yourself out of your honest feelings or put off speaking up because you don't want to rock the boat! Stop painting sunshine over a legit issue, and start addressing it directly. While broaching certain topics will be uncomfortable, once you open the floodgates, you'll feel so relieved!

How can you move forward with loved ones unless you're being heard? In all your closest connections, put long-range goals on the table and see how they align. Though you may discover you want very different things, that doesn't necessarily portend a breakup. Use the next six weeks to cleverly brainstorm ways you can support each other's dreams. Heads up: To get through a rough patch, you may need to temporarily reconfigure finances.

Are you still ruminating over the one that got away? Venus' pivot could bring an old flame back into the picture; perhaps someone who moved away. If the connection is still strong, you may feel inspired to stoke the embers. Just don't expect to have full clarity until la love planet corrects course on January Cupid hurls a curveball into the game, Gemini , as amorous Venus turns retrograde in your erotic eighth house. Between December 19 and January 29, you simply can't rely on your intuitive senses— or your tarot deck —to read what's going on.

If you want to deepen intimacy, you're going to have to pry open the chamber of secrets and glug get vulnerable.

The good thing about a planetary retrograde is that it can help you plunge into deeper waters. If you raced ahead romantically without reviewing practical considerations like, say, divergent life paths or different ideas about raising kids , here's your chance to tap the brakes.

Or maybe you've been hiding something that's really important to you for fear of coming on too strong. Bare your soul, bit by bit. Eventually, anyone you date will find out the truth. That's the beauty of true relationships, that you're loved for all of who you are. Conversely, the object of your affections may share a deep, dark secret. Don your sexiest Sherlock cap and create a safe space for authentic communication.

Ask questions in a relaxed tone—without expecting a "right answer. But definitely don't sweep it under the rug. Between now and January 29 you may be doing some hard-core negotiating to figure out if your styles mesh—and if you can establish enough trust to accompany the lust!

Retrogrades stir up the past, and things could heat up with an old flame again. But if you text a toxic ex on NYE, don't kid yourself about developing a friendship. Just follow this three-step plan: ignore, delete, block! We all have a past, but doesn't yours need a little cleanup, Cancer? Venus goes retrograde in your seventh house of relationships.

While the U-turn can dredge up unpleasant issues, it offers a brilliant opportunity to wrestle all your connections back into a happy, healthy balance. Buckle up, buttercup: If the holidays alone don't excavate buried issues, Venus' backspin will. An ex could resurface with unfinished business, perhaps the second chance you've been hoping for. But be careful about opening those doors while Venus muddles your judgment.

Some Cancers may be torn between two lovers, or uncertain about what the right next steps are. Allow yourself to consider "unconventional" arrangements and don't force the script of someone else's love story to be the narrative of yours. This will shake out over the next six weeks if you stay honest—with yourself most of all—and have the difficult dialogues Venus retrograding through this no-nonsense sign demands. Happily coupled Crabs can take advantage of this window to enjoy nostalgic bonding.

Organize your honeymoon photos into a printable album finally! How's your heart health, Leo? As Venus backtracks through Capricorn, it sends up smoke signals in your sixth house of wellness, service, and routines. Although you love the forward momentum of passion and dreamy plans, hit the brakes. Between now and January 29, you're directed to slow down and take a measured approach to your feelings.

You don't have to react to every whim and mood; in fact, learning the art of restraint can be a game-changer. Instead of firing off an angry text, turn on that fitness video , do a minute meditation , pour yourself a mug of calming herbal tea.

If you must unleash, take it up with your journal or save that message to drafts. Once your rational brain has taken hold again instead of your reptilian one , you'll be so glad you waited.

In fact, you might even realize that you need to be a little more supportive of your partner's goals. Take a look at your routines. Do they bring you pleasure or are you a stressed-out wreck at the end of each day? Now's the time to tune your schedule and systems so you can bring your whole life into better balance. With beauty queen Venus retreating here, self-care is the ultimate glow-up. Nourish your body with clean, green food—and make sure that you're eating at regular intervals to keep your energy from spiking and crashing.

Getting your gut health up to snuff will boost your immunity. Blast from the past alert, Virgo! Cupid's arrows could lead you back through a time warp as Venus goes retrograde through your fifth house of passion and playful expression.

While you're innocently enjoying your holidays, don't be surprised if an old flame pings you out of the blue—which will be both disruptive and if you're being honest kind of titillating.

But be warned! Common sense may fly out the window, especially if you're feeling restless or bored. Those sketchy judgment calls can be disastrous until January 29, so willpower, please! Do you keep hitting the same wall in a relationship? Attached Virgos may find themselves dialing in for couples' therapy or a coaching session to process this recurring issue.

Venus in Virgo will also be at odds with Neptune, which may put a damper on our intimate lives. Lisa Stardust , astrologer and author of The Love Deck , tells us to specifically look out for September 24, when Venus and Neptune retrograde oppose each other.

Although Venus in Virgo isn't the hottest, blood-pumping transit, we all need to be realistic in love sometimes. Use this next month to keep your feet on the ground and your head steady on your shoulders. Who knows — next month might bring the heat, and it's better to be safe than singed. At p. Both the full moon and shooting stars will light up. Female ejaculation, aka squirting, has become a lot more mainstream in the past few decades, thanks in part to porn. Indeed, many a porn video has led us t.

The moment I feel even remotely vulnerable —be that the fragile morning after an inhibition-free night, the familiar shiver of cold and flu symptoms or t. Non-Monogamy Helped Me Good communication is a necessary requirement to build successful, lasting relationships. Here, Venus will force you to take a closer look at your interactions with others. Home and family related themes come up when Venus turns retrograde in the fourth house. Here, you may experience real estate issues, such as renovations, buying or selling property, and possibly moving.

Deeper consideration is given to your immediate family as well as your parents. This house rules children, creativity, pleasure, hobbies, and romance. You may be giving this question greater thought as Venus travels back through the fifth house. This is a time when you should focus on self-expression as well as the ways in which you experience joy. Topics surrounding health and well-being will come up during this period. Poor choices may come back to haunt you.

Since Venus rules Libra, this transit will carry more intensity. Your relationships are being tested—some may break apart. Venus retrograde in Scorpio often brings up issues of power plays. Consider where you give your power away.

The value you place on yourself will be mirrored in your relationships. During this period, focus your attention on the strength of those values. Higher education, travel, and international communications are all themes that may arise. Career comes into focus when Venus travels back through the tenth house. You may receive a promotion or increased responsibility.

On the other hand, you may also be considering taking a new path. Now is a good time to focus on how the world perceives you and whether or not that perception is serving you. Aquarius rules friends, groups of people, social media, and communities.

Venus in retrograde here may bring about your past friendships and connections. You may also be considering revamping your online presence. Now is a great time to consider your role in both online and social communities. Pisces rules the subconscious and all things hidden.

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