White label dating review

White label dating review

The profiles are so generic, no way is it an exclusive special interests dating website for peeps who like rock music. This is click some common database that companies can buy into and put their brand on it. Lots of fake profiles also - I was winked at and liked before I even had put a photo up - how to hook up chromecast to surround sound me! I Can't believe Planet Rock are still advertising it and pushing it with their brand. Looking at the reviews there is obviously a demand for a rock n' roll dating website, just wish someone would service it properly. Reams of fake profiles and yet more reams of fake profiles. You will be strung along without even realising it, just like the other rubbish out there.

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Rogue rreview. I registered and there was no problem until i uploaded my picture. They changed my login details soican't login. Only God knows what they will do with my profile click sending rogue messages to guys. I emailed but as expected noone replied.

White Label Dating - Earn Industry Leading Revenues and Profits From Your Own Dating Site Portfolio


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Yours could too! If you're not currently running niche dating sites with WLD you could be missing out on lower advertising costs, higher conversion rates and greater returns! The amount of revenue our partners are generating from each registration is the HIGHEST it's ever beenas a https://katzengraben14.de/board/eharmony-account-termination.php of newly deployed payment processing technology across the platform. A HUGE extension to our tech offering, exclusive, stand-alone networks mean our partner brands' members will sit completely separate to the rest of our shared member pools, offering a truly exclusive dating and networking experience. This exciting feature gives members the opportunity to communicate more openly and to authentically share their true selves via video, whilst improving our partners' ROI. Pre-populated member database containing over 59 million registrations ensures your traffic has the best opportunity to convert straight after registration.

They're quick to take your money, and only then do you realise you can't message people or write a diary about anything other than the weather, or what you had for tea because of the vetting system.

Planet Rock Radio should be downright ashamed of putting their brand to this complete and utter waste of time and money. I've been looking into the Planet Rock dating site after I quickly withdrew from 'Zoosk' for exactly the same reasons. As a male I thought I might have better luck with Planet Rock Dating but I couldn't find a single review other than someone mentioning that it was a 'White Label Site' i.

All we want is to be able to communicate properly with genuine people without being patronised. Is this too much to ask?! I did not get what I asked for Woman near me with the same interests But got a lot from out side my state Or country I found my lady But they will not let me unsubscribe This sight stinks to high heaven. I originally joined as a basic, free member. I rushed into paying before I was ready to because I could see that a very attractive lady was trying to contact me, and we could not read or reply to each other's messages!

My quite amusing but very honest, detailed profile should have told the lady what I was like, but Mature Match had mistakenly removed it for about five days! So she was not too know, and no sour grapes from me as far as she is concerned! I sent about four messages to the website about my missing profile and eventually got it published again and an apology — but no offer of compensation or extra full membership time to cover my lost days.

Another gripe: When I originally signed up, after entering my profile as a copy and paste , I was then prompted to type an introduction. There was not much guidance about what this entailed so I just typed, 'I will fill this in later', and then found that this was sent to all the prospective ladies on the site! Useless as it was, my introduction seemed to get sent to ladies outside my age, height and distance requirements, judging by the replies I received.

At least, I had managed to copy and paste my previously prepared profile text, but most users are not in a position to do that and their new membership gets widely announced before they have had a chance to get their profile ready! Another gripe: I was only looking for ladies in my area, but I noticed an unusually large number of ladies living in Harpurhey and Cheetham Hill in Manchester, and in Heeley, Sheffield.

I think that there is a bug in the system because my own Stockport SK11 postcode had placed me in Cheetham Hill, but luckily I noticed it and corrected my town to Macclesfield. A lot of people seem not to notice this bug unfortunately.

White Label Dating obviously has various dating website brand names and the profiles are pooled between the sites. I noticed one lady who had about eight profiles — I hope that she had paid for no more than one!

I suspect that most of the ladies' profiles that I saw on the site were actually genuine, but I am also sure that many of the ladies were snapped up a long time ago, and found it difficult to remove their profiles.

To take advantage of my paid subscription I messaged about 20 ladies, usually one a day. I am not unattractive and I certainly got a fair number of unsolicited messages from ladies who were out of my area or age range, but only that one response to my own well worded messages.

I will continue looking for a nice lady, but I will stick to using major free dating sites. Plenty Of Fish, they say? Its disgusting as these parents are very vulnerable and just led into deception which is cruel as it is twice as hard to meet someone.

Yet another of white label datings sites. You'd think being named Planet rock dating and advertised on the Planet rock radio station that this might be worth a shot.

Sadly, it is just another trick. I signed up for free and received numerous views and messages which I couldn't view without subscribing. What do you do?!? I stumped up for a 3 month subscription. That was a mistake! I went through my messages to realise that most of them were simply welcome messages from new users that haven't even viewed my profile.

There were a couple of genuine messages too, so I replied. Both of these girls chatted for a little while. One then left the site and the other just stopped responding for no apparent reason. I've been on other dating sites PoF and Match and the way this played out just felt very odd and I very much suspect that they were messaging to make me think the site was worth while so I didn't cancel my payment.

Since then, my profile has had pretty much zero views and the site is basically dead. Big change to how it was when I hadn't paid!!! If you're single and lonely, these vultures are ready to abuse your pain and in the end, they just make you feel worse about yourself when all of the fake accounts ignore your messages. They charge you a fair amount of money to make you feel worthless as well!! Steer well clear!! Find free dating sites. Google is your friend!

Compare that to Planet rock dating! Match is slightly better than Planet rock dating, but only a slightly! I am new to my area and thought, ok, maybe I'll try it. What a ripoff, I went for bbw dating and constantly got emails for people looking for folks wanting partners interested in paranormal activities. Add that when I tried to cancel my membership and delete my profile, you can't do it and they keep sending you messages. Terrible, save your money or something else. They'll probably charge me to get my own damn picture back.

I recently went onto one of whitelabel dating sites,what a racket, all sorts of women wanting to know you, but to reply you had to subscribe,"that's alright, nothing wrong with that",. Nearly everyone I messaged couldn't respond ,because unfortunately " their filter settings excluded me". How convenient. Then I spent a fair while on the telephone to cancel my subscription to Single50s. Any site associated with this company is fake and just a way of getting you to fork out the initial payment before you've realised it's all rubbish.

Don't sign up and spread the word. Channel 4 did an expose on them a few years back. They've obviously not changed their game. I, unfortunately, signed up for a month to brighton-date. I've yet to attempt to cancel my membership so I have no idea how that's going to go. I'm going to assume badly, but I'll make sure no further payments come out of my account! I am living proof of fake profiles. Being a female member I am inundated with interest from guys all over the UK.

I was informed by two regulars that I chat with, that they had seen my photos on two other profiles hundreds of miles away from where I live. I contacted the site and was told someone must have stolen them from my FB profile. When I pointed out I don't usually have semi clothed pictures on FB the girl became very unpleasant and said I would need to press the 'report a problem' button for the profiles to be removed.

Not possible as I am unable to look at female profiles and to advise guys to do this in a post was not going to be approved by the site! Now I might have been flattered the site thought my photos good enough to use on their fake profiles BUT the issue I had was I was being used to lure poor unsuspecting guys to sign up to membership.

So guys I would say be very careful, because chances of you connecting with a genuine female on any White Label Dating site are very very rare! You join for free - like most dating sites - so you can browse profiles to see if the type of person your looking for exists on the site. Sadly, its slim pickings on the Australian single parent sites So, after an hour or so of looking at profiles, none of which show a last online time or join date so probably aren't even on the site anymore I realised it would be a waste of time and money.

But then Over the next few days, I start getting emails.. Over the next few days, more and more emails, still people id never talk to but every now and then, someone who I might be interested in. When I finally saw an email from someone I thought I might like, I paid to open the email, only to find Ill probably never get it back. Steer clear of them. If I could give it negative stars, I would.

Ok ,where to begin , list is endless but will keep it short as possible joined a site "Date Lincolnshire" owned and run by white label dating , the only thing i can say is absolutely shocking , very very rude customer service because i would not pay the full price to upgrade they have an offer running for 1 week and was told that wasnt available anymore even though it was , then had my pic rejected as it wasnt clear enough , had my profile comments removed , all down to my not paying the Full upgrade price.

As for the site itself , often freezes , navigation isnt to bad , a hell of a lot of "admin generated profiles" , very very dubious messages that havnt actually been sent by the person just designed to get you to pay to read them , all in all as a dating site Having joined several sites looking for someone it is obvious that all the sites powered by WhiteLabelDating are using shared data with each other as the same people appear on many sites.

Most have not signed in within 6 months so it is old data. This is disappointing and I wonder if these people know that their data is being shared? I am now avoiding any sites which have an association with white label. They didnt even bother to be clever. I read they are under investigation for fraud - stay away - youve been warned! If there was a no stars vote for Whitelabeldating I would have chosen that option. The first nearly had me fooled. Well written email, the 2nd email had flaws ie put 'his' dob and star sign in brackets which did not match.

There were other things like not answering any questions from me. As soon as I said why are you not answering my simple questions 'his' emails stopped. I have just received and email from another 'male' who has obviously copied and pasted a reply from a female as the message is signed 'Pamela' lol Whoops!!!! Just cant get the staff. I think that 'ice breakers' have been designed so that the scammers take their pick when recieving messages.

I have also noticed that since I rejoined this site 4 other sites run by Whitelabel have been emailing me saying I have a new private message. They are all the same company and the people answering the messages are usually Ghanian scammers. Same for me as for others, this time on the Plymouth Dating site, also white label dating - luckily I didnt even complete my dating profile, just email, name and address, so I don't even have a profile on the site and I was recieving more emails than from match.

After doing a bit of googling including this review thread, I'm disgusted! Surely there should be some sort of law against sending fake emails in this way!?

If indeed they are real people, it would apear pods of dating sites are linked but I have carried out checks of 3 people who are really on the site and noen of the three have been received, by the people i sent messages to, i.

Simply send all the messages on, assuming they are genuing people and not just names lifted from other sites and therefor inaccessable.

Which, again in my humble oppinion is probbably the case! Sorry but any site run by whitelabel is a scam, there are very few 'real' members, its so obvious as the moment you join up before even posting a pic you get messages which all look very similar and are obviously system or staff generated. Don't waste your money you will be better off on a free site like plenty of fish or freedating etc.

Do NOT join this dating site. The people on it are always the same and there hardly ever seems to be any new members. To cap it off they charged me for an extra 3 months when my current membership expired. No warnings, they just charged my card. Their excuse was that they automatically renew which is written somewhere in the small print!

My argument is that they should give you the option to renew not just charge your card. Their attitude to a refund was appalling. I have been on more than one dating site run by whitelabel, and all I ever received were fake messages. A genuine person would be interested to find out about you, but these are generic messages which are usually unrelated to any message that you send that person. I even had identical messages from more than one person, so they are not even that clever about how they send out these fake messages.

I made the mistake once of giving them money, but I won't be doing the same again. I recently made the mistake of signing up for 'planetrockdating. I certainly will not be paying for their fake services.

Sites are cheap and tacky and customer service when there is an issue is non existent. Also overcharged me. I eventually cancelled my account, which had to be done via e-mail to their customer support as there was NO cancel account options on the site.

Avoid at all costs. What is an attractive woman? Somebody slim? How open minded of you I used www. I joined again a few weeks ago and the same started happening!!! Its All there just to Scam Horny Desperate guys out of their money!!! Do yourselves a big favour and Not really a great experience but then again " Read More.

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