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It is undeniable that Tinder has become the most popular dating app today. Testimonials from users that stated they have found their true love through the app encourage others to tinxer Tinder as a way to find love. But playing with social media is risky in some ways. People tend to create image they want to be see more, not their real self. Your image may become much better than it actually is, or become worse because of the misconception. Then a question emerges: is Tinder bad for your reputation?

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Face it, Tinder is one of those apps that you download when you reach a low point in your dating life or an app you use to hook up with local hotties. Read article those of you who aren't aware what Tinder is, it's a "dating app" that is location based. It finds people rs fit into whatever criteria you're looking for such as age, sex, and location. You select an age group, which sex you're interested in, and how far in mileage you want them to be from you. You're all set for the worst dating app in the world and here's why. Okay, this guy was really sketchy so I told him I thought he was a catfish, he never responded.

Is Tinder Bad for Your Reputation? - How to Use It Right -


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Tinder sucks for pretty much everybody. Most common reasons are the poor quality of conversations or too much focus on physical attractiveness and not on personality. Tinder sucks most for average guys since men outnumber female users and because women are much more selective than men. This results in guys getting very few matches, and a frustrating time when using the app. The first section explores why Tinder is a poor experience for both genders. The second section covers why guys in particular have a very hard time on the app.

Your image may become much better than it actually is, or become worse because of the misconception. Then a question emerges: is Tinder bad for your reputation? You can create a new character for yourself so that you appear cooler than you really are in real life.

However, when this anonymity is broken, problems start to appear. In many cases, there are married people who use Tinder out of curiosity, they later hooked up with someone through the app which resulted to divorce. Just like any other social media, Tinder is superficial. You are judged based on what you write on your personal page.

Look is not the only thing that make people attracted to you. At first maybe, but after that they start to dig on you more personally. Be wise of what you write on your personal details. They might not want their face to be displayed. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material. Instead of writing a lengthy novel-worth biography, keep it short and simple. You can use some humor in it or giving short explanation about your passion.

After the photos and bios, you have only one chance left to sell yourself: the first message. People get bored with this kind of message and they will never bother to reply. Be clever and more creative in sending first message. Also read Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship. While too honest is not good, making up too many lies led to a disaster as well. Once you connect your Tinder with Facebook, the anonymity is gone.

Not only your Tinder match know how to track you down, your Facebook friends know every little of your Tinder activity—unless you give limitations. All you get is you give away your personal details voluntarily to strangers. You should never connect it on the first place. Or really, you're just ashamed to even have a Tinder and be seen in public. This guy, I honestly thought was going to work out. He was actually a normal, cool dude.

We talked on Facetime and everything. But then he started to take things too fast and too soon and I got scared. He was trying to be my sugar daddy. He was offering to buy me anything I wanted and how he would drive miles just to see me.

So I started to ignore him for days and then we finally stopped talking! Then he took a screenshot of picture of me off of my Snapchat story. I was not happy about it and we haven't talked since! I don't even want to know what he did with the picture. So lets say, Tinder actually worked and you find someone you think might be cool and its time to finally meet in person. Its awkward! You don't know if you should hand shake, or hug or even introduce yourself. Why do I always find myself on this app swiping whenever I have the chance?

Engaging in conversations with people just because I'm bored and have nothing better to do. Someone take my phone away from me, please. I don't know about you but Autumn is my favorite season of the year. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and tops of the mountains begin to be sprinkled with snow.

Being as I'm not Haloween's biggest fan, I love to decorate my home with super cute fall decorations. I have found 11 of the cutest DIY decor items that are both inexpensive and adorable. Ballin' on a college kids budget makes for fun craft nights instead of buying the items at a ridiculous mass produced price.

Go to a thrift or dollar store a buy glass jars and fake flowers and leaves. You can find the paint and string at Walmart for a couple bucks.

Either paint the letters on the jars, or spend a little extra money on the burlap material. There ya go! Super simple and very festive. The easiest of all. Again, these glass jars can be found at a dollar store. There are mini pumpkins all over the place this time of year!

Buy a bundle of fake leaves, glitter spray paint, ribbon, and a hole punch. This would be super cute above a fireplace or window frame! Simple and straight to the point, these would be super cute as a centerpiece of dinner parties or Thanksgiving!

Grab some pumpkins, paint, glitter, and glue; you'll have a splash of sparkle to spice up your home in no time. Speaking of apples And beanies are the best way to keep your brain warmed up for all those midterms this time in the semester.

Beanies also come in handy for second-day hair or if you're in between washes! My favorite part of fall attire is getting to wear warm boots! There are many different brands and prices for this particular style. But if they aren't your those boot socks are super cute also!

Unfortunately, at this time of year, we tend to overlook how incredibly blessed we are. We live in a free world, where we should not have to fear being penalized for our gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, or values.

This is a fact we take for granted; in many other countries, simply being born female makes you an immediate target. My thoughts and prayers this week are with a young Pakistani girl named Jeevti. She lived with her family, who lived and worked on a farm owned by someone else. This loan spiraled into more and more debt for this family, who was struggling to pay it back. The final total doubled the original amount. In Pakistan, there is a terrifying and under-the-radar accepted method of debt repayment: young girls.

When they woke the next morning, Jeevti was gone. In the middle of the night, this man stole a fourteen-year-old little girl away from her family to keep as his property. The family hired a well-known activist to aid them in freeing their little girl.

Veero Kohli also captured by a man when she was a young girl, and she now works to free oppressed females in Pakistan. The police informed Kohli that there was no rescue needed, seeing as Jeevti clearly went with Brohi of her own free will. She also changed her name from her Hindu name Jeevti to the traditional Islamic name Fatima. Here enlies the problem: Jeevti cannot read. Jeevti signed this statement signifying that these were, essentially, her own words.

She could very well not even know what she has signed! Also, she could have easily been coerced read: threatened into signing the statement. Jeevti reportedly kept eyeing her new husband fearfully. When Kohli returned to the home, the room in which she met Jeevti was padlocked.

When Kohli asked around the community, no one there had heard of a Fatima or Jeevti at all. To increase your Tinder chances, avoid making a profile that comes across as harmless and pleases everybody. Fortunately, the archive of the post has been saved here. Does it seem fake? But then one day I changed my profile pic of a new one with a suit and a tie and the same ones from before trailing after that.

Even the dates have seemed to have gone a lot better. According to science , having a photo with a dog can dramatically increase your chances of getting Tinder matches. To back this up, a UK based pet food company called Webbox once did a test on Tinder to see if having a photo with a dog can help out guys and girls on the app. Sure enough, it did. That being said, there are lots of alternatives to Tinder. These alternative apps are usually built in such a way that they attract different types of users, match them differently, use different types of algorithms, personality metrics etc.

The dating app works by putting you through a fairly long and detailed process where you fill in your details, preferences, personality type and more. Once this step is completed, eHarmony will then match you with people who are most similar and compatible to you.

Link: eHarmony. Link: Zoosk. EliteSingles has made a name for itself by being the dating network for young, educated professionals who are looking for a serious relationships.

When you join the app, you will be asked to complete a personality profile, and their algorithm will find you matches based on that.

Link: EliteSingles.

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